HFM (former HotForex): Real trade contest features and prizes


HF Markets is known as a company with a lot of bonuses and promotions, as well as a lot of events. In addition to demo trade contests, we also hold real trade contests. This is an event where prize money is given to those who have the top results in real accounts.

What is Real Trade Contest?

A real trade contest is where you trade with your own account and compete with other participants for results. If you get the top score, you can get a prize. The event is very popular with account holders and has a very high turnout.

maximum leverage is high

The maximum leverage is 2000 times, the pips width and spread are narrow, you can put in a lot of lots, and premium accounts have a lot of bonuses and campaigns that you can receive during the event period. Overseas FX brokers offer very good promotions. You can also ask support for details. There are also plenty of cashback options.

Loss cut and zero cut system

As your balance decreases and your losses increase, you will receive a loss cut. Currently, if the value becomes negative again, the zero cut system will be automatically adopted. Operates 24 hours a day. It also has terms of use and is safe and reliable. Automated trading (EA) tools are also available, allowing scalping and double trading.

There are many products available

Compared to xmtrading and exness, it has a richer range of financial product content, including exchange rates, virtual currencies, precious metals (gold), energy, and stock indexes. Platforms available are MT4 and MT5. All functions such as payments and charts are easily available.

Features of Real Trade Contest

The real trade contest has the following features. The feature of the real trade contest is that it is not a mechanism that allows people with a lot of money to win. In other words, you can win even if you have a small amount of money.


The winning trader will be awarded a winning prize of $3000. On top of that, you will also receive an original trophy made by HF Markets. In addition, we will be interviewed and posted on our website, so it will be very popular.

Held time

This real trade contest will be held every month. It will be an event where you trade from the 1st to the last day of every month and compete for profits.

Winning by Profit Margin

How to determine the winner in this real trade contest is to calculate the profit rate for the account funds and compete. The results of the contest are judged by a unique score called “HF Score” that displays the trader’s strategy performance on a daily basis. It is calculated according to the time-weighted profit margin calculation method, based on the margin of the trading account, including open and closed positions.

Real Trade Contest Participation Qualifications and How to Participate

As a qualification to participate in the real trade contest, you must first have a real account. Let’s finish the account opening first. The article below summarizes the process from opening an account to opening a trading account, so let’s refer to it for explanation.

Open Account

How to decide the winner

Rankings in HFM’s real trade contest are determined by profit margin. Compete by calculating the rate of return on account funds, not the amount of profit itself. In other words, it means that you can win a trading contest even with a small amount of money. The profit margin calculation method is determined by a unique score called HF score that displays the trader’s strategy performance on a daily basis. The score is calculated based on the margin and according to the profit margin calculation method.

Publication of name

If I win a trade contest, won’t my real name be published? Some people may be worried. In order to participate in the Real Trade Contest, you are deemed to have agreed to have your photo and name published on the official website. That means it will be made public.

Participating account

Only one account per person can participate. Please be aware that if you engage in fraudulent transactions or violate the terms, you will be forced to leave and will be ineligible to participate.

way to participate

First, go to the HF Markets homepage.

Home Page

You can switch languages from the button on the top right of the homepage. Click “Promotions” → “Contests” from the menu.

Source : https://www.hfm.com/

Contests you can participate in will be displayed, so click “Traders Awards”.

Source : https://www.hfm.com/

You can participate in the event by selecting “Participate” from here.


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