TITANFX: User reviews, reputation, safety What are the advantages and disadvantages of overseas Forex? Review

Titan FX

TITANFX User Reviews and Reputation This article explains traders’ reviews of overseas FX, advantages, disadvantages, bonuses, etc. Established in 2014, this FX company has been very well received for its narrow spreads, making it a highly recommended FX company for scalping and day trading. The management and staff are very excellent, so it is highly recommended.

Basic information and safety of TITANFX

TITANFX is an FX company established in the Republic of Vanuatu in 2014. It offers a wide range of services, including free VPS, free EA, and copy trading, and is highly recommended. The maximum leverage is 500 times, so you can deposit and withdraw funds with peace of mind. The trading conditions and environment are among the best in the industry, with live chat and email available 24 hours a day, and both MT4 and MT5 are available, so be sure to give it a try. You can register and get started on the home page. If you want to choose scalping trading while keeping major costs down, TITAN is the place to go.

Operation CompanyTitan FX Limited
AddressPot 564/100, Rue De Paris, Pot 5641,
Centre Ville, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Financial licenseVFSC

Holds a financial license

TITAN FX is a successful FX company with service desks and data centers in various countries around the world. It has a financial license from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). A financial license that guarantees high safety and reliability. In addition, our branches (Seychelles, Mauritius, British Virgin Islands, Cyprus) have obtained financial licenses to the latest standards in each country. Even new users can start trading right away.

Titan FX LimitedVFSC
Goliath Trading LimitedSFSA
Titan MarketsMFSC
Atlantic Markets LimitedBFSC
EG Services (CY) Limited

Comprised of PepperStone staff

TITANFX is made up of a luxurious staff of PepperStone, an Australian FX company. It is also reassuring that there are many excellent executives and staff who are the most knowledgeable about FX in the general market. PepperStone itself is licensed by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). Therefore, it is a risk-free brand. The content that is really released is close to the client. It is one of the best for those who want to mainly fight short-term trading.

Segregated management

After investigating, TITANFX has segregated management, so you can rest assured. Separate management of customer funds and trader funds is implemented, and funds will not be used without permission. On the other hand, there is no trust protection. In the unlikely event that TITAN FX goes bankrupt, there is no guarantee that customer funds will be fully returned. However, TITAN FX joined The Financial Commission in 2021, an independent organization that specializes in regulating disputes between brokers and traders. It is designed to cover judgments up to 20,000 euros per customer. The group’s funds are managed carefully.

Warning from the Financial Services Agency of Japan

TITANFX has received a warning from the Financial Services Agency of Japan. However, in summary, this warning does not have any effect such as administrative punishment or business suspension orders. Japanese people can use it without any problems, although it is conditional on self-responsibility. However, it is easy to start, so you can aim for immediate profits. There are no frauds such as theft of amounts, and there are not many bad reviews. Although there are many bankrupt FX companies, in recent years there have been no delays in deposits and withdrawals, and the strategy is solid. There is no strange solicitation, so there is no anxiety.


About the features of TITANFX

Now, let’s introduce the conditions and rules for trading when using TITANFX. It is a powerful company compared to other companies and is ranked high in popularity. Advanced traders can trade with low spreads, the fees are low, and orders are quickly executed. It is highly transparent even in Japan and supports NDD STP orders. It is a broker with many good reviews. The server settings are stable, so you can make a large number of positions in real life and benefit from high leverage.

There are three account types

There are three types of accounts. Micro accounts allow for small transactions. Standard accounts are used by many traders. And Blade accounts are for professional investors. They allow you to practice scalping under the most favorable conditions. At the very least, the company offers a demo account, so you can try it out for yourself. In terms of specs, if you have low assets, choose Micro, but if you want to earn money with narrow spreads and higher costs, choose a Blade account. Currently, you can start safely with an attractive account. Corporate accounts are also available upon request.

Max Leverage1,000500500
Trade InstrumentsForex
Average Spread1.1~1.3pips1.1~1.3pips0.1~0.3pips
Min Lots0.10.010.01
Max Lots100100100
Max Position200200200
Auto Trading
Margin Call90%90%90%
Loss Cut20%20%20%
Zero Cut
Trade ToolMT4
Web Trader
Web Trader
Web Trader
Base CurrencyJPY

Maximum leverage is 1,000x

The maximum leverage is 1,000x or 500x. Available with high leverage. Currency pairs, precious metals, and energy are 1000x for micro accounts. Other accounts are 500x. Stock indexes are 500x, commodity futures are 50x, cryptocurrencies are 100x, and stocks are 20x. Don’t do anything that will put you at a disadvantage, but keep checking and analyzing the market to make new, great trades. Discretionary traders also tend to be long-term traders, as they tend to be continuous traders. There are always many traders from intermediate to advanced levels.


There are so many products available

As mentioned above, the products available are very varied. There are over 60 types of FX currency pairs, including major currencies (such as the US dollar and the Japanese yen), as well as minor currencies and exotic pairs. There are also over 100 stocks available. There are also 35 virtual currencies, which is not much worse than competitors. On average, it is stable, so you can trade without any burden, both in the short term and the long term. You can trade from Monday to Saturday. Please note that the time may be slightly different during the summer and winter time changeover periods.


The narrowest spreads in the industry

When we tested it, the spreads were the narrowest in the industry. The Blade account has a transaction fee of $3.5 per lot ($0.7 per 0.1 lot), but no other account has such narrow spreads. Below are the spreads for the Blade account. Scalping trades are a basic buying and selling method that allows for a wide range of transactions and is reliably efficient and smooth. It can be done on both PC and smartphone. Basically, you can make money quickly.


Swap points are high

The swap points are high and negative swaps are quite noticeable. You can create and use multiple accounts with the operating company, so you can trade while watching the rates. There have been no delays in the past. You can safely click and place orders quickly with limit orders, stop orders, and market orders. If you want to trade a certain amount of time, use this site. You can trade unlimitedly with any amount of money without a time limit. Compared to other companies, there are many large users who have been using the site for about 10 years. We recommend that you first test it out using a demo.


Zero cut adopted

The zero-cut system is used for all account types. Margin calls are triggered at a margin maintenance rate of 90% and a loss-cut margin maintenance rate of 20%. In the unlikely event that losses are high and the loss-cut is not triggered in time due to rapid market fluctuations, and the account balance goes negative, the system will compensate you, so there is no margin call and no risk of debt. The functions are almost sufficient and your assets will increase. The stop loss is 0 pips.

The trading tool is Web Trader.

The trading tool is compatible with MT4 and MT5 platforms. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. I think Web Trader is simple and easy to use as a tool for beginners. The TITAN FX official website has a comprehensive service called TITAN FX Research Institute. Free VPS is available here, and free EA and free indicators can be downloaded. Trading support tools and historical data are also provided, so you can install and download them.

Scalping and automatic trading are possible

Scalping and automatic trading (EA) are possible. There are no particular restrictions. Hedging is also allowed, so there is little risk of account freezing. Even when it comes to indicators, there are few contract rejections (requotes), and important settlements are easy to make, which can be said to be a strength. Even when it comes to economic indicators, the official server is stable and it is a good company. You can also download your trading history in conjunction with your tax return. Residents can operate anything comfortably as long as they do not violate any prohibited items. It is a company with a low hurdle for beginners.

Copy trading is possible

It has the feature of being able to do copy trading. Titan FX Social is a copy trading app for iOS and Android. You can copy trades by following traders called signal providers. It supports all stocks, and depending on the signal provider, you can achieve high trading performance. It is a well-known broker with a proven track record, so there are many excellent traders. There are many carefully selected traders who can ultimately make money with high-value scalping.

Chat and email are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Chat and email are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a support system in place in three types: phone, email, and chat. There are no cashbacks, campaigns, bonuses, etc., except for limited-time offers, so they are not given as a basic rule. It is completely optimal. Recently, they are open early on weekdays. There are not many events held. If you ask a question, they will actively provide you with information. It is recommended to use it at a high-value exchange.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Deposit and withdrawal methods include bank transfer, credit card/debit card (VISA, Mastercard, JCB), bitwallet, STICPAY, virtual currency, etc. If you want to deposit money quickly and easily, you should use bitwallet or a credit/debit card. Although it depends on the person, the processing of the deposit is excellent and it is reflected quickly. Financial institutions take time and may feel long. You can start by accepting dollars, euros, and Japanese yen (JPY). You can do it at a large price from the first time.

What about the actual reviews?

What are the actual reviews like? User reviews are quoted from Traders Union. This is a review site for FX users around the world. Let’s take a look at information from SNS (twitter) and other sources at the same time. Slippage doesn’t happen much these days, and although it’s not a major company, it can be said to be reliable. There are few malicious users, so you can operate it according to your purpose. If you’re worried, you can get support on weekdays to teach you how to use it. There are many FX companies going bankrupt every day, so it’s reassuring.

I have been waiting for confirmation of the withdrawal for more than 2 weeks.

Source : TradersUnion

This broker strives to please everyone, both newbies and experienced traders. However, I’m not sure if it works out for him. On standard accounts, there are average spreads, but there is no cent analogue, and there is also a deposit of as much as 200 dollars. Not every beginner has the opportunity to invest such amounts in currency trading. There are more opportunities for professional trading. Firstly, you can work through a more functional MT5. Secondly, ECN accounts are available with almost zero spreads and a low commission per lot. I don’t hold large sums of money in TitanFX because I don’t trust Vanuatu and FinaCom regulation too much. I am not going to apply to the Ombudsman yet, because my claims to the broker are not that serious.

Source : TradersUnion

TitanFX is currently my favorite among Forex brokers. At first, I was embarrassed by offshore regulation, but the company works honestly, so now I take this for granted. I trade intraday, completely avoiding scalping and arbitrage trading. I don’t even try to trade on the news just to avoid slippage. Indeed, I prefer the simplest trends trading style, so I don’t have any particular problems with execution or quotes. There were problems with the first withdrawal of funds from Titan FX. I had to provide additional documents to finally pass the verification. Thereafter, everything was ok.

Source : TradersUnion

TitanFX doesn’t offer anything special, just a standard set of CFDs and market average spreads. The MT4 terminal is presented in all possible versions, but this will not surprise anyone. Yes, there is a big plus for the MT5 broker, because few people offer it. I also note the presence of protection against a negative balance and storage of funds in segregated accounts. The cons are a limited choice of e-wallets, lack of comprehensive analytics, and inability to contact support on Saturday and Sunday.

Source : TradersUnion

I opened a demo account at TitanFX as I want to test how everything works here. It is clear that often the speed of execution on the demo and in real life is different, but this way I can at least check the adequacy of the support service, although I have already noticed the rather nimble work of the MT4 platform. Chat operators are generally competent and unobtrusive. It is a pity that TitanFX does not have cent accounts, so you have to take big risks. But I hope that VFSC regulation and membership in FinaCom are worth something, that the broker works honestly and does not draw up charts, and that it will withdraw funds without any shenanigans.

Source : TradersUnion

Scammers. I deposited $ 200, made deals for $ 650, wanted to withdraw $ 200, and that’s it. They say, top up yet or we will not refund your money! In addition to the group of victims on the Internet, there is practically nothing about them. Money has not been withdrawn for more than a month and there is no connection. Don’t trust these crooks.

Source : TradersUnion

You can open an account for free

It is free to open an account. In addition to submitting personal information (phone number, name, address, etc.), you will need to provide identification documents such as a passport, My Number card, or driver’s license, as well as address verification documents (resident registration, gas and water utility bill payment history, etc.). Once your account has been opened and verified, you can log in and start trading. Individuals can apply through the form on the official website, accessed from the link below. Users can also use the app, which allows for quick opening on business days with minimal procedures. Please also check the terms of use and policies for yourself.


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