Axiory: Is hedging prohibited? Possible? Explanation of the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, rules, and points to note for overseas FX


Is it prohibited to trade currency pairs on a long/short basis with an account with the overseas FX broker Axiory? This article explains the features, advantages, disadvantages, and points to note. In fact, long/short is allowed with Axiory. However, it is quite difficult to win from the beginning with this method. I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of this method, so I hope you will find it useful.

Axiory’s company profile and basic information

Axiory is an overseas FX broker established by Axiory Global Ltd. in 2015. Axiory is headquartered in Belize and incorporated due to the country being a “tax haven”. It has obtained the IFSC license from the Financial Services Authority of the Belize International Financial Services Commission, making it a very reliable and safe FX broker. The official website is operated by PT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a group company based in the UK. The registered information is as follows. The narrow spread is a great advantage in terms of investment. It is a top-class exchange for investors.

運営会社Axiory Global Ltd.
所在地No. 1 Corner of Hutson Street andMarine Parade Belize City, Belize

Separate management and trust protection

Axiory is very reliable because it has separate management and trust protection. Customer funds are stored in “Doha Bank”, so there is no risk that customer funds will be used without permission by the management. Trader’s account funds are kept in trust, and if Axiory goes bankrupt, the trader’s account funds will be fully refunded later by the auditing organization, so it is very transparent and safe. Funds are not stopped, they are protected and guaranteed, and are maintained under regulations, so users can feel safe when starting.

Also holds a financial license

Axiory is very safe because it holds a financial license. It is a very reliable broker with regular audits by external institutions. Even those living overseas can trade as they are without any disadvantages. If you wish in advance, you can choose the account type from My Page. Management has been improved and regulations have been established, so you can rest assured. Every year, you can operate with stable funds almost Monday to Friday.

There is a warning from the Japanese Financial Services Agency

After investigating, Axiory has been found to be very safe in Belize because it holds licenses from each financial service agency, but it is not available in Japan and has received a warning from the Financial Services Agency. This is because overseas FX brokers are in violation of the law by operating official Japanese websites and announcing campaigns in Japanese, and so they have received a warning. However, users are free to use the service at their own risk. Japanese law does not allow solicitation without permission.

Source : 金融庁

What are the characteristics of hedging?

Hedging is when you hold both a buy and a sell position at the same time. By hedging, you can immediately settle the negative position and increase the positive one, resulting in a positive balance. In theory, you will never lose, but if you get the timing of settlement wrong, it will be a significant loss, so you need to be careful. We will introduce the details in a list. Hedging is also possible to aim for swap points and other points. You can aim for a large amount while making use of your balance in the latest market.

Is hedging prohibited in Axiory?

Hedging is not prohibited in Axiory. Other FX companies (threetrader, tradeview, titanfx, bigboss, etc.) often prohibit hedging between multiple different accounts, hedging using automatic trading (EA), and hedging between accounts of other companies, but all of these are permitted and can be done without any problems. When I contacted support, I found out that there are no prohibitions on hedging. However, please note that the calculation method for the required margin is different between the MT4 and cTrader platforms.


When you hedged in MT4/MT5, the required margin is offset. Therefore, the advantage of MT4/MT5 is that you can hedged with less required margin.


When you hedged in cTrader, the larger margin becomes the required margin. If the lot is the same, the required margin will be one of the two.

Are there any advantages to hedging?

The advantage of hedging is that you will have both a buy and a sell position at the same time, so in theory you will never lose or win. Therefore, even if the market fluctuates immediately, there is no possibility of losing a lot. Therefore, there is an advantage in that if you look at the market situation, quickly cut losses on the losing position and extend the winning position to take profits, you will always end up in the black. By using it, you can easily decide to settle while watching the impact of the price. It is recommended to practice in a demo.

Are there any disadvantages to hedging?

At first glance, hedging seems to have no risk at all, but the timing of settlement is very difficult. Even if you quickly confirm the loss of the losing position, the market may reverse and the winning position may also become negative. If you do not have the ability to read the market, there is a risk that you will not be able to win. Be sure to take into account the swap points that occur at the time of contract. Be careful of large economic indicators.

You can open an account for free

You can open an account for free. If you are interested, give it a try. Bonuses and campaigns are held irregularly, and it is easy to make a profit by ordering currency pairs. Standard, Nano and Terra accounts are popular. You can trade short or long, and you are completely free to use them however you like. Utilize your assets, catch the trend by buying and selling, and aim for profits by profit and loss.


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