XMTrading: Is there a deadline for bonuses? Latest expiry date thorough explanation


XMTrading has deposit bonuses and campaigns held in the account, and each has an expiration date and will disappear, so we will thoroughly explain the precautions and latest information. Therefore, many people open accounts for the bonus, but is there a time limit for the bonus? And once the deadline has passed, will I be unable to obtain it again?

when the bonus expires

Don’t you think that once you get a bonus, you can get it forever? Actually, it’s not. XM bonuses may disappear. Also, can’t the 100% target bonus be restored at the same time? We have summarized the time it takes for the provided bonus to be reflected in the credits, the time it takes to disappear, and the major advantages and disadvantages of holding a position. Bonuses are only available for standard and micro accounts. Also, even if you use up all your deposit bonuses, they will be reset and added to.

dormant account

With XM, if there are no transactions or deposits or withdrawals for 90 days, the account will become dormant and the bonus will disappear. Even if you resume use, the bonus will not be returned once it has disappeared. Also, if you leave your account unattended, you will be charged an account maintenance fee. In fact, it is mentioned in the FAQ on the official website. Please complete the pickup as soon as possible and do not leave it unattended.

Deadline for receipt

You will not be able to receive the account opening bonus unless you activate your account within 30 days. To activate your account, you will need to select and submit documents to the administration. There are currently limited-time bonuses and campaigns, so even if you opened an account through a friend referral, please complete it as soon as possible. I can’t even start investing. You will not be able to receive the benefits and will not be able to utilize them.

Withdrawal processing

With XM, if there is any remaining bonus when you make a withdrawal, the bonus will disappear at the same percentage as the withdrawal amount against the total margin amount. Therefore, when making a withdrawal, you must also think about what to do with the bonus. It is best to withdraw after using up the bonus.

Transfer funds between accounts

When you transfer funds between accounts on your own using XM My Page, a portion of the bonus will normally be erased according to the percentage of the transferred amount. It would be a waste if the bonus always fluctuates and disappears just by transferring funds, so we recommend thinking carefully before doing so. Some people are inexperienced or don’t realize that they will lose their bonus if they make a high-value move.

negative for loss

In XM, if there is a loss in a trade, not only the balance but also the equity will not be zero cut unless it becomes negative. Even if both are negative, there are many cases where the bonus remains and is absorbed by the loss when it is not zero cut.

What are the types of XM bonuses and points?

There are many types of XM bonuses, and there are many opportunities to receive them, including cashback. There are three types of bonuses that can be received with XM: registration, deposit, and trading. Unlike other companies, we do not change the content of bonuses regularly and continue to provide luxurious benefits. At first, it is best to decide your purpose clearly and then apply for the full amount of the bonus. The bonus structure is not much different from other companies (threetrader, exness, fxgt, bigboss, ironfx, titanfx, axiory, etc.). Take advantage of the opportunities you receive.

account opening bonus

This is a bonus given to those who open an account for the first time with XM. If the conditions are met, the money will be automatically transferred from XM to your account. There is no expiration date for the account opening bonus, so you can use it anytime, but if the above conditions are met, you will not be able to receive it. By the way, if you withdraw from XM or have your account frozen, you will not receive an account re-opening bonus. It is limited to one per person, so if you received it at the time of new registration, you will not be able to receive it by re-registration.

deposit bonus

You can earn a lot of money with the rewards you receive when making a deposit with XM. This deposit bonus will be awarded as many times as you like each time you make a deposit, until the limit is reached. Zero accounts are not eligible for deposit bonuses and cannot be earned. As with the account opening bonus, withdrawals are not possible, so the funds will be used for trading. You don’t even need to click to receive it; just check it. According to the latest information, the deposit bonus will be reset irregularly even if it reaches the upper limit.

XM Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a bonus that rewards points based on trading volume. XM determines the membership rank called loyalty status that you can belong to depending on the trading activity period. Loyalty status determines the amount of points that can be earned per lot transaction, so the longer you use it, the easier it is to accumulate.


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