XMTrading: Unable to place orders on MT4/MT5 Troubleshooting causes Solution explanation


We will explain the causes and solutions for not being able to order, trade, or make payments with XM’s MT4 or MT5 account. When using XMTrading, you will most likely trade with MT4/MT5. However, sometimes something goes wrong and you are unable to place your order. The reason why the order button cannot be pressed is often due to maintenance or outside trading hours, but it seems that there are other reasons as well.

Reason for not ordering

When you try to trade with MT4 or MT5, you may run into trouble where your order is not executed. If this is the case, please check to see if any of the reasons apply to you. Rest assured that the price will not be clicked without permission when you cannot see the screen, and the price will not be bought or a sell order will be placed. Please see below for detailed correspondence.

No order placement link

Possible reasons why there is no link to place an order include the account type is incorrect'' orfor CFD products, the contract month has passed.” This is the case when you cannot place a limit order or a stop order, and also cannot make a partial change payment.

Chart not showing

Possible causes include outside trading hours,''wrong account type,” and “in the case of CFD products, the contract month has passed.” If it doesn’t work when you click left or right, or if you don’t understand, please ask official website support.

old version

The version of MT4 or MT5 you are currently using may be outdated. If your MT4/MT5 version is old, you should be able to place orders by updating to the latest version and opening MT4/MT5 again. There are many cases in which traders do not update their smartphones. Let’s check the official.

brand is not displayed

A possible reason why brands are not displayed is that not all brands are displayed. Check to see if it is hidden in the settings. If you cannot completely select any type using the market quote, this is probably the case.

can’t login

If you can’t log in in the first place, it is possible that your ID is wrong, your password is wrong, your account is dormant or frozen, or you are using the wrong server. If any of these apply, you will not be able to log in.

Dormant account/account freeze

If the reason for not being able to enter XM is “dormant account/account frozen”, the solution is to make a “deposit” or “trade” to release the dormant account. Unfortunately, once your account is frozen, it is almost impossible to unfreeze it, so you should open a new one. If it is frozen, you will not be able to participate in the campaign, and zero cuts will not be adopted. It is not possible to hold positions.

Outside trading hours

If the reason why you cannot enter XM is “out of trading hours”, the solution is to check the trading hours in advance and make an entry during the trading hours.

XM FX trading hours (Japan time) are Monday 6:05 to Saturday 5:50 during summer time and Monday 7:05 to Saturday 6:50 during winter time. In addition to Saturdays and Sundays, which are outside the above trading hours, trading hours may change due to long holidays such as holidays, Christmas, Golden Week, and year-end and New Year holidays, so be careful.

Wrong account type

If the reason why you cannot enter XM is “wrong account type”, the solution is to display a chart that matches the account type. If you do not display a chart that matches each of them, it will cause troubles such as “I can’t press the order button”, “there is no order placement link”, and “the chart is not displayed”.

Insufficient margin

The solution is to lower the order lot size to keep the margin requirement to trade below the account balance. If the required margin exceeds the account balance, the margin will be insufficient and troubles such as “cannot press the order button” will occur. To calculate the required margin, apply the following formula.

Required Margin = Number of Currencies x Exchange Rate ÷ Leverage

Order lot number

In XM, the minimum and maximum order lot numbers differ depending on the account type and brand, so if the lot number is less than the minimum or more than the maximum, problems such as “not being able to press the order button” will occur. On the other hand, be careful not to overfill the lot quantity. If you do not specify a loss cut, there is a lot of basic loss risk. This is especially true when it comes to automated trading.

For CFD products, expired

For CFD products, the contract month may have passed. Check the trading hours of the stock you want to trade and place an order during the trading hours. Issues that have passed the deadline cannot be traded, so troubles such as “I can’t press the order button”, “there is no order placement link”, and “the chart is not displayed” will occur.

maintenance time

In some cases, orders cannot be placed due to XM maintenance or server instability. As with the case outside XM trading hours, the “New Order” button for MT4 and MT5 will be disabled and cannot be pressed. Wait for the maintenance to end or the server to stabilize before reordering.


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