XMTrading: How to deal with the cause of not being able to deposit and reflect with credit card (VISA/JCB)


We will introduce the reasons and solutions for not being able to make deposits or not being reflected with your XM trading credit card. If a credit card deposit is successful, it will be reflected immediately, so it is a very popular deposit method.

Introduction to deposit methods and procedures at XMTrading

Please refer to the article below for additional information on how to deposit money into your XM account. As an overseas FX company, we have a wide variety of methods for remittance, and in addition to credit cards, VISA, and JCB cards, we can also perform different remittance procedures using bank accounts, bitwallet, sticpay, bxone, etc. Members can also receive troubleshooting and support on the official management website. You can open an account immediately after verifying your identity and submitting documents. We also run campaigns and bonuses. You cannot deposit less than 500 yen.

Why can’t I pay by credit card?

At XM, you can log in and make deposits by credit card, bank transfer, or electronic wallet. Please read to the end as we explain the reasons for not being able to make a deposit using the credit card deposit method. Investment rules have payment rules to prevent money laundering. Therefore, this rule has also been introduced by other FX companies such as Axiory, Exness, and FXGT. There are risks, so please read the details below before using it.

Exceeded credit card limit

Credit cards have a credit limit. Deposits cannot be made with a card that exceeds the limit. Please increase your card’s credit limit or make a deposit with a different card.

Credit card expiration date

Expired cards cannot be used. If you can not deposit with the card you used in the past, there is a high possibility that the expiration date has expired. It is necessary to check that the expiration date has not expired.

credit card in someone else’s name

You cannot use a credit card in the name of another person at XM. Even if it is in the name of a family member, it cannot be used, so it is necessary to confirm that the credit card is in your name when making a deposit.

Brands other than VISA/JCB

Only VISA / JCB credit cards can be deposited at XM. If you want to deposit by credit card, you need to check if the card brand is supported. In addition to credit cards, bank transfers are also supported, so please consider another payment method.

Credit card company restricts payment

If you can’t deposit with a VISA or JCB credit card, the card company may have restrictions on depositing to XM. It is better to use another credit card or deposit with a different deposit method.

virtual card

A virtual card is a prepaid card for online use. XMTrading does not accept non-refundable cards. To get started, choose a visa or debit card and make a deposit. If you have any problems, we also provide support through live chat, so please contact us if you have any problems.

Insufficient bank account balance

Currently, debit cards have a mechanism in which the amount is deducted from your bank the moment you use them, so you cannot deposit money into your card unless there is money in your account balance. Please check your usage limit and change your settings. Also, it often takes about an hour for deposits to be reflected in your account, so be sure to check back frequently.

There is an error in the input information

If there is a mistake in the selection of the card number, name specified by XM (Roman alphabet), account number, or deposit information, the deposit will not be made. Must match. When making a deposit, be sure to check the information at least twice before pressing the deposit confirmation button. XM deposit information may change, so please check the XM deposit list each time you deposit. Also, the minimum deposit amount is 500 yen, so if it is insufficient, you will not be able to make a deposit.


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