XMTrading: Latest real account opening method and procedure, required documents, important points explained


In this article, we will introduce and explain the methods and procedures for opening a real account with xmtrading, necessary documents, bonuses, and other points to note. XMTrading is the most used Forex company in the world. In order to actually do FX, you need a wide account at a FX company. By the way, opening an account is easy, even for beginners, and there are no fees. Opening an account may sound like a hassle, but it only takes about 10 minutes to fill out the registration form and 30 minutes to authenticate the required documents, so you can start trading from the first day after completing the opening procedure. It becomes possible to start.

Conditions for opening an account

To open an account with XM, you must meet the following conditions. Please note that if you do not meet the following conditions, your account may be frozen. Once frozen, you will no longer be able to create new or additional accounts. Your identity will be verified by the official management support staff, and your current address and name will be revealed anyway, so please refrain from false pretenses. XM is quite solid among overseas FX companies. Please note the following points.

①Being 18 years old or older (students and unemployed are also acceptable)

You can open a real account with XM from the age of 18. Anyone over the age of 18 can open an account, regardless of occupation or annual income. There are many deposit methods, and spreads can be kept low depending on the account type. You can also create additional accounts.

② Resident in a country where XM services are provided

XM does not provide service to all countries. Countries not served by XM include the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Iran, North Korea, Belize, and Israel. XM offers narrow spreads, many account types, and various bonuses in eligible countries.

③ You can submit your ID and address confirmation documents

To open an account with XM and make deposits or transactions, you must submit your identification and address verification documents to XM and be verified. If you falsify your identity, your account may be frozen. XM has a very strict document screening method.

Procedures for opening a real account at XM

First, you need to open the official page to open an account. When you open the page, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your personal information. Once you have entered everything, move on to step 2. Safety is guaranteed, and although it is not licensed or regulated by the Financial Services Agency in Japan, the maximum leverage is 1000 times, so it is possible to raise lots even from small amounts and earn money smoothly. Zero cut is also adopted. XM has a wide range of bonuses, account types, and demo accounts, and Zero and KIWAMI have narrow spreads and have a solid document screening method.

Enter personal information

Enter the information to be registered on My Page. Enter the latest investor information and use this information to check your My Number with photo, notification card, student ID, driver’s license, etc. Enter the required information in English for the overview and customer profile. You can also input from the smartphone app. If you have any questions about how to use it, please contact the support desk. Some residents may not be able to register.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/register/
  • First name: Enter in half-width romaji
  • Last name: Enter in half-width romaji
  • Country of Residence: Select your current country of residence in the tab
  • Preferred language: Select language on the tab
  • Phone number: Enter in single-byte numbers (no hyphens)
  • E-mail address: Enter in half-width alphanumeric characters

Some people may be worried about registering their phone number, but please be assured that XM will never call you.

Enter trading account details

Select the operating company, trading platform type, and account type. It also supports automatic trading, and supports not only FX currency pairs but also CFD trading. Various inputs can be made online with just a tap. If users have any questions, please contact the support desk.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/register/

organization name

XM operates “XM Trading” for Japanese customers with two operating companies (Tradexfin Limited and Fintrade Limited), so it is necessary to select an operating company when opening an account. Although the financial licenses obtained by each operating company are different, there is no difference in transaction conditions and services, and there is no impact on trading.

trading platform

You can choose between MT4 and MT5 as platforms for trading on XM. MT4 is recommended for beginners and those who use EA, and MT5 is recommended for those who do discretionary trading. Please refer to the article below. XM has a lot of features, and MT has a lot of indicators. Switching between currency units is easy and convenient. The next step is to choose an account type. If in doubt, we recommend a standard account. We have a wide variety of brands available.

account type

We recommend the “Micro Account” for those who want to make small transactions, the “Standard Account” for those who want to make standard transactions, and the “KIWAMI Kiwami Account” for those who want to focus on transaction costs. If you are not sure, please choose the standard account.

* When you have finished entering all the information, press the button to proceed to step 2.


Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/register/

First Name: Enter your name in katakana.

Last name: Enter your last name in katakana.

Date of birth: You can enter your date of birth using the calendar button on the right side.

Prefecture/City: Enter in romaji in the order of “City → Prefecture”.

Street address/room number: Enter the building name/room number → house number in Roman letters.

City/Town Name: Enter the city/town/village in romaji.

Postal Code: Enter the postal code without hyphens.

Are you a taxable US citizen?: Select “No” if you are not a US citizen.

Trading account details

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/register/

Account base currency: Choose from JPY/EUR/USD

Leverage: Select from 1 to 1,000 times

Account Bonus: Yes, I would like to receive a bonus. choose

Investment amount (USD): Amount you plan to invest in XM

Purpose and Nature of Trading: Purpose of Trading on XM

Employment status: Own employment status

Occupation*/Funding Source*: Your Occupation/Funding Source

Academic Background: Own final educational background

Gross Income (USD): Annual Income in Dollars

Net Worth (USD): Total Assets Converted to Dollars

Create account password: Create an account password.

valid account password?

When setting a password, follow the rules below. (Don’t forget to write down your password as XM will never notify you of it again.)

・8~15 characters

・Contain at least one uppercase letter

・Contain at least one lowercase letter

・contains at least one digit

Check the box to confirm the terms of use. Be sure to check the terms carefully.

Finish by pressing the real account opening button.

After verifying your email address, account opening is complete.

Finally, if you authenticate the email registered with XM, the account opening will be completed. Please click the text “here” in the email or click the red button “Verify your email address”.

When you click the link in the email, the following screen will be displayed and the account opening will be completed. Once your account has been opened, you will receive an email from XM with your account login information again. Please keep it in a safe place along with the password you set earlier.

Account ID: Used for “login to XM member page” and “login to MT4/MT5”

Server name: Used to login to MT4/MT5

Activate account

Actually, this is not the end. An account has been opened but not activated. If you do not activate it, you will not be able to trade. Once you have opened a trading account, upload the necessary documents to XM and perform “account activation”. What you need to submit to XM is “one ID card” and “one address confirmation document”. First, log in from the XM Trading homepage. Please log in to the XM member page using the “password you set yourself” and the “account ID issued when you opened the account”.

XMTrading Home Page

If you forget your password, click “Forgot your password?” at the bottom of the screen and use your registered email address to reset it.

When you log in to the member page, the following screen will be displayed. Click the yellow “Activate” button to move to the submission screen of the required documents. Upload an image of your ID and address verification.

ID means:

Driver’s License, My Number Card (Japan), Passport, Special Permanent Resident Certificate, Alien Registration Card/Residence Card, Handicapped Person’s Handbook

Proof of address means:

Health insurance (insured) card, seal registration certificate, resident card, utility bill/receipt (electricity/gas/water), credit card/bank statement/bill, landline/mobile phone bill tax notices such as bills/receipts, tax notices

After uploading the required documents, you will receive a “Certificate upload completion notification” email from XM. After that, the review will begin, and if there are no problems, the account will be activated within 24 hours.

If activation is not possible due to incomplete documentation

If the submitted documents are incomplete, XM will ask you to resubmit the documents. If the submitted image is unclear (reflection, distortion, interruption, blur, etc.), it will be resubmitted. Also, if the expiration date of the submitted documents has expired, they will also be resubmitted.

XMTrading Home Page

You Can Get Bonus Points

XM offers a wide variety of bonuses and campaigns. Earn bonus points by referring to the articles below. There are also special limited time campaigns. It’s convenient, so give it a try if you have the chance. You can also contact our support desk during business hours.

Q&A about opening an XM account

We have summarized the FAQ below. In addition to the application, it also mentions the product, account number, and environment. This is a FX company that has a very good reputation among users among professionals, and there have been no problems such as account freezing. They also have their own web trader, etc., which is also well promoted on their youtube channel. It is very convenient because you can trade not only on your PC but also on the app. Please note that as mentioned above, you may not be able to hold an account in some regions.

Next Action

Once you have completed opening an account on the official website, the next step is to deposit funds. Please refer to the link below. We are introducing them in a list. You can get a luxurious deposit bonus, so it’s a great deal, and you can trade with the bonus, so take advantage of it. Some deposit methods may take some time to prepare. Domestic and international remittance services are also available.

demo account

XMTrading has something called a demo account. A demo account uses fictitious money, so it is a highly recommended account type for those who are afraid to invest with real money. Please refer to the article below for information on how to open an account. By experiencing it, you will be able to use Metatrader as well. The tool can be downloaded for free. Four secure account types are available.

islamic account

XMTrading has an account type called Islamic account. Islamic accounts have the following characteristics:

Swap points free

In Islam, even if you carry over your position to the next day, no swap points will be generated. Therefore, you can hold long positions without worrying about anything, making it a highly recommended account type.


Islamic accounts have free swap points but wider spreads. Please consider this point to be a disadvantage as it is wider than a standard account.

Muslim only

An Islamic account is an account type exclusively for Muslims. Therefore, non-Muslims cannot open this account type. When opening an Islamic account, you must prove that you are a Muslim.

MT4 and MT5

Islamic accounts allow you to open account types similar to regular account types. Also, the trading platform is compatible with both MT4 and MT5, so you can trade with either, so there are no disadvantages.

How to open

To open an account, first follow the steps above to open an account as usual. After that, you will need to contact the support center and request to open an Islamic account. Don’t worry, our support center will guide you through the setup process.

For corporate accounts

As introduced in the article below, XM does not have a corporate account. If you want a corporate account, you may want to use another FX broker.

How to withdraw and cancel your membership

The following article provides information on how to withdraw and cancel your account. If you follow the instructions exactly, the process will begin in just a few minutes. You can safely unsubscribe from the web. If you already receive newsletters, unsubscribe from them. It’s a reliable company so it’s okay.


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