XM Trading: How to log in to trading and partner accounts


XM has demo accounts, real accounts and even partner accounts for affiliates. If you do not make a note of the login ID and password for each account, you will get confused. Be sure to save the email sent from XM when you registered.

Check out XM’s homepage

Actually, it is confusing, but XM has the following 3 sites. First of all, make sure you know which site you registered your account with.


XM.com is mainly deployed in EU countries. In 2018, the EU’s ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) decided to introduce leverage regulations aimed at protecting individual investors. In response to this, XM separated the European limited brand with a leverage limit of 30 times and separated XM.com and XMGlobal.com.

Home Page


XM Trading is a Forex company that operates in the Asian region, mainly in Japan. The biggest difference from others is the FSA (Seychelles Financial License). Although it is a looser license for XM, we dare to acquire this looser license for business.

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XMGlobal will be the target brand for countries other than Japan and European countries. We have the most financial licenses, and we have multiple licenses that are said to be difficult to obtain.

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How to log in to XM Trading

Since this blog mainly deals with XM Trading, I will explain how to log in to this site.

Official page login

For the Japanese page, click Member Login on the screen.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

For the English version, click MEMBER LOGIN on the screen.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

Move to the login screen. After that, enter your ID and password and click the login button to complete.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

If you have forgotten your password or ID, please refer to the following article. You can reissue your password, but if you forget your ID, you will need to contact the support center. Once logged in, you can transfer funds to your account, deposit and withdraw, and even trade.

partner account login

Unlike the above, this is a login method for those who are XM affiliates. You should have received the following email when opening a partner account. If you have lost your email or forgot your ID or password, please contact the support center.

There is a URL from the email below, so please click it. By the way, you can also find the partner account ID in the email below. Please note that it is different from the trading account ID.

Then, the login screen will be displayed, so enter your ID and password to log in. Now you can create your affiliate link and check your commission amount on the partner page.

Source : https://mypartners.xmtrading.com/

I can’t log in

Even if you have the correct ID and password, you may not be able to log in.

line outage

You may not be able to log in due to internet connection problems. In this case, first check your internet environment. You may need to contact your provider.


XM may perform maintenance. You can’t log in during maintenance, so check the official page. Please refer to the following article for information on maintenance.

Dormant account, frozen account

Any violation of the rules may result in the account being frozen. Also, if you do not trade for a long time, it will become dormant. In the case of dormancy, it will be revived if you make a deposit or trade, but if your account is frozen, there is nothing you can do about it. Please open a new account.


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