XMTrading: The reason why FX’s positive-positive addiction cannot be cured. How to overcome and deal with the addiction.


Forex’s “Positive Positive Disease” is a disease that most traders suffer from. This article will introduce and explain the causes and ways to overcome it. This disease is a nasty disease that stock, Forex, and virtual currency traders can suffer from. If you are dying to enter and find it painful to wait for an opportunity, be careful.

What is posi-posi disease?

Posi-positive disease is repeated useless entries and repeated useless losses. If you get this disease, there is a high probability that you will not be able to win. The number of entries is large and there is no basis for it. I can’t wait to enter, and I’m going to repeat the entry.

Number of entries and profit

Some may think that the more entries you make, the more profit you will make. But in reality it is not so. There is no causal relationship between the number of entries and profits. Rather, the more the number of entries increases, the more difficult it is to increase profits.

Characteristics of Posi-Posi disease

People who suffer from positive-positive syndrome have the following characteristics, so we will introduce some information about them. When investing with funds, your emotional state is reflected in the market. There is a risk when you start, which is likely to affect your winning rate, so many people decide that they can make a profit by holding on to it. However, after that, the price of the currency pair you ordered will almost always move in the opposite direction. For reference, we will introduce some cases where you cannot make a lot of money from buying and selling. Be sure to understand the current situation before continuing. To hold stocks and increase your funds, it is important to conduct technical analysis, and knowledge is also important.

few trading opportunities

People who feel there are few trading opportunities even when using a broker will just enter the market. This tendency applies to people who feel obligated to enter and end up taking positions for no reason. However, charts do not always provide the timing to enter the market. If there are few opportunities with each system, be aware of the effectiveness of the operation and reconsider it to ensure stable settlement with exchange. Use a winning style and a good mindset to handle the volume.

Trade with your smartphone

People who trade using tools on their smartphones are prone to this disease. The reason is simple: you are always looking at the charts. If you are always looking at the charts, gradually every chart will look like an opportunity. That’s why you always have a position. Get a long-term job as an office worker and keep yourself moderately busy, not always free. Your psychological state will stabilize and the symptoms will be cured.

trade addiction

Trading addiction means that you get a thrill and pleasure from holding a position. The excitement and suspense is something you can’t get anywhere else. People who trade mainly on this basis need to reconsider from the beginning. It’s very satisfying to hold a position in the market once and turn an unrealized loss into an unrealized profit. However, it doesn’t mean that it will happen every time. In the future, you need to be aware of your environment and enrich your mind as a way to deal with this. Please watch the news and make sure you don’t gamble.

can’t wait long

One of the jobs of trading is to wait, but impatient people or active types cannot wait. They tend to get impatient and move, and tend to hold positions unnecessarily. It goes without saying that you need to lock in your profits at the optimal timing and moment, and it is important to do so carefully. If you are constantly anxious, you will not be able to stay calm and will naturally lose more often. It will be tough if you cannot respond calmly and are not confident. Make sure you acquire useful knowledge and skills. You will be able to make up for your losses and make large profits.

Measures against posi-posi disease

People who think they have Posi-Posi disease need to take measures as soon as possible. The cause of posy-posi disease is a problem with the mindset as a trader. Let’s review the behavior habits so far now. Specifically, it is as follows.

i don’t always look at charts

If you are trading on your smartphone, try trading on your PC. If you look at charts all the time, everything looks like an opportunity and you end up trading all the time. As a result, useless trades will increase. Try limiting the amount of time you spend looking at charts.

do other work

Many professional traders have nothing to do but look at charts. People who are uninterested and indifferent tend to have this tendency. It will increase the opportunities to see the chart uselessly, so why not try doing another job as a side job? This can reduce wasted trades.

obsession with money

Some people with Posi-Posi disease are too obsessed with money. , when you look at the chart with the desire to make a lot of money, every price move looks like an opportunity. Change your mind first. If you don’t get rid of your money obsession, you won’t be able to win in trading.

set the trading rules

Try to set your trading rules. You need to follow your own rules, such as what time to trade, how many lots, how many points to stop loss and take profit. You can fix it by just doing this.

XM is recommended

XM was originally known as a forex company with too wide spreads. But this was only recently. Now there is an account type called KIWAMI account. The spread is very narrow and very suitable for trading. Therefore, this account type is highly recommended. Especially for those who trade in pounds, it is recommended because the spread is extremely narrow.



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