Axiory: Comparison and explanation of maximum lot and maximum position limits for overseas FX


This article explains the maximum lot size and maximum position limit for money trading with high leverage of overseas FX broker Axiory. It is recommended for traders who want to hold a large number of positions. Since the spread is extremely narrow, it is a FX company recommended for quite a lot of traders, so we will introduce it.

What is an FX lot?

A lot refers to a trading unit. In FX, you do not usually trade one currency. You trade a lump sum of currency, such as 100 units. These 100 units are called 1 lot. One lot at Axiory is 100,000 units. This is the same for all different account types such as Standard, Nano, Corporate, and Max, and when trading large amounts, you need to be aware of the margin maintenance rate.

Axiory’s maximum and minimum lot sizes

Axiory’s maximum lot size is 1000 lots, and its minimum lot size is 0.01 lots. Compared to other overseas FX, Axiory’s maximum lot size is very large. Of course, if you settle your position midway, the number of lots you hold will decrease, so don’t worry. The information is the same regardless of the target stock or order type, such as currency pairs, CFDs, precious metals, energy, stocks, ETFs, stock indexes, and indexes.


Maximum number of positions in Axiory

Axiory has no upper limit on the maximum number of positions, so you can hold an unlimited number of positions. It supports large lots, so it is highly recommended for those with funds. Similarly, the conditions are quite favorable compared to other companies. However, depending on the time, important indicators such as the US employment statistics can cause the spread to fluctuate significantly on average and become dangerous, so be careful. In fact, it is best to make your contract as far in advance as possible. Professionals also watch the news.


Notes on Lots and Maximum Positions

The condition of no limit on the maximum number of positions is far more favorable than other FX companies. There is a possibility of making a large profit, but there is also a high possibility of incurring a large loss. If you make a transaction that is not commensurate with the margin, there is a risk that the entire amount will disappear in an instant. In addition, the margin maintenance rate will decrease when you withdraw money. Bonuses obtained from campaigns, etc. will also be reduced, so there is a possibility that the loss cut level will be reached, which is quite dangerous. It is recommended to withdraw money after lowering the position.

Be careful of economic indicators

Be careful of economic indicators. The pips setting fluctuates considerably during the announcement, and the spread will be wider than calculated. Those who select EA etc. on MT4 may lose their funds (balance) at once. In particular, be careful as the US employment statistics and unemployment rate fluctuate a lot in USD. In order to avoid losing profits and losses, change and lower the lot size from usual. Orders can be changed even from the app. The market price of spot and futures products is fluctuating enough.

Precious metals and energy markets have high circulation

Even in the industry, if you choose gold, silver, palladium, platinum, etc., be careful of trends. When starting out, both will create at least a certain trend when the price movements become rough. Among financial products, NGAS etc. tend to be very fickle, so be very wary of the lot. You can easily adjust the lot in the environment, so acquire the knowledge and do it in a suitable environment. There is a risk of losing funds.

You can open an account for free

You can open an account for free. As mentioned in the article below, if you are interested, try opening an account first. The trading tools MT and cTrader are provided free of charge by the operator, and the platform is easy to use. You can check the reliability on the official website. There are also frequently asked questions, so check the home page. The company is also highly rated by the Financial Services Agency.


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