Axiory: Are the rumors of withdrawal refusals true when trading overseas FX? A thorough explanation of the reasons for withdrawal refusals, problems, and points to note


Does Axiory have withdrawal refusals? This article will thoroughly explain the reasons why you cannot withdraw money and the points to be careful about. There are many reliable FX companies that do not refuse withdrawals, but there are also increasing cases of money being stolen from other companies, so we will also explain the points to be careful about.

Axiory’s company profile and basic information

Axiory is an overseas FX broker established by Axiory Global Ltd. in 2015. Axiory is headquartered in Belize and incorporated due to the country being a “tax haven”. It has obtained the IFSC license from the Financial Services Authority of the Belize International Financial Services Commission, making it a very reliable and safe FX broker. The official website is operated by PT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a group company based in the UK. The registered information is as follows. The narrow spread is a great advantage in terms of investment. It is a top-class exchange for investors.

運営会社Axiory Global Ltd.
所在地No. 1 Corner of Hutson Street andMarine Parade Belize City, Belize

Separate management and trust protection

Axiory is very reliable because it has separate management and trust protection. Customer funds are stored in “Doha Bank”, so there is no risk that customer funds will be used without permission by the management. Trader’s account funds are kept in trust, and if Axiory goes bankrupt, the trader’s account funds will be fully refunded later by the auditing organization, so it is very transparent and safe. Funds are not stopped, they are protected and guaranteed, and are maintained under regulations, so users can feel safe when starting.

Also holds a financial license

Axiory is very safe because it holds a financial license. It is a very reliable broker with regular audits by external institutions. Even those living overseas can trade as they are without any disadvantages. If you wish in advance, you can choose the account type from My Page. Management has been improved and regulations have been established, so you can rest assured. Every year, you can operate with stable funds almost Monday to Friday.

There is a warning from the Japanese Financial Services Agency

After investigating, Axiory has been found to be very safe in Belize because it holds licenses from each financial service agency, but it is not available in Japan and has received a warning from the Financial Services Agency. This is because overseas FX brokers are in violation of the law by operating official Japanese websites and announcing campaigns in Japanese, and so they have received a warning. However, users are free to use the service at their own risk. Japanese law does not allow solicitation without permission.

Source : 金融庁

Does Axiory reject withdrawals?

In conclusion, Axiory is a reputable company and will not reject withdrawals. In fact, there have been almost no cases of withdrawal refusals in the approximately 10 years since its establishment. However, there is a possibility that withdrawals may be rejected if you do not follow the withdrawal rules. We will explain this in detail. Please look at the frequently asked questions to find out the situation.

Causes of withdrawal refusal (unable to withdraw)

We will explain in detail the causes of withdrawal refusal (unable to withdraw) in a list. Please check if you have the same problem. There are rumors of withdrawals, but in reality, they are rare. If there is no destination for the funds or multiple concerns, please check first. Let’s also review why the mistake occurred. As a guideline, this refusal is basically the same for other companies (bigboss, titanfx, threetrader, gemforex, tradeview).

Withdrawals to banks without SWIFT codes

Withdrawals cannot be made to banks without SWIFT codes. Russia and North Korea are typical examples. SWIFT codes are called SWIFT addresses or BIC numbers, and are the standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). Withdrawals to dictatorial countries are difficult.

Violating the Terms of Use

If you commit any prohibited acts that violate the Terms of Use (money laundering, fraudulent receipt of bonuses, transactions that put a strain on the server), you may be penalized with refusal of withdrawal, confiscation of profits, or account freezing. Therefore, please be sure to check the policies and guidelines carefully.

Withdrawals to accounts under other people’s names

Withdrawals to accounts under other people’s names are not allowed to prevent money laundering. This is the same for many other overseas FX companies. Withdrawals will also be refused if there is an error in the name registered when opening an account or if your surname has changed. In that case, contact the support desk and complete the change procedure. Then withdraw money. Be careful about the name.

Withdrawals made using a method other than the deposit method

Withdrawals made using a method other than the deposit method will be rejected. This is prohibited to prevent money laundering. If you apply to withdraw funds deposited by bank transfer using a credit card, the withdrawal will be rejected. Therefore, the method must be consistent.

Violation of minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts

There are minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, and if you violate these, your withdrawal will be rejected. In particular, with credit cards/debit cards, you can only withdraw up to the amount you deposited. In that case, you can choose another withdrawal method.

Minimum Withdrawal AmountMaximum Withdrawal Amount
Domestic bank transfer, Curfex¥1100
International Bank Transfers¥10000
Credit/Debit Cards¥1100Amount when depositing to card

Withdrawing profits to credit/debit cards

Basic knowledge: When withdrawing with a credit card or debit card such as Visa or Mastercard, which are 100% fast, you can only withdraw the amount you deposited. Be careful when withdrawing, as you will need to withdraw the profits by another method. If you make a profit from trading, specify another method.

When the margin maintenance rate falls below 100%

When withdrawing to a market, if the margin maintenance rate falls below 100%, it will be rejected. These rules are in place to prevent stop losses. We recommend withdrawing when you do not hold a position.

What to do if your withdrawal is rejected (unable to withdraw)

If your withdrawal is rejected (unable to withdraw), you will need to contact the support desk. If you are unsure of the cause, please contact us via live chat or email. From the home menu, a professional will respond to your request on business days according to the above cases. Sales staff are available to provide great support depending on your purpose, so if you are worried, please contact us.

EmailWeekdays 24 hours a day
Live ChatWeekdays 9:30-23:30 (Japan time)

A member of The Financial Commission

Axiory is a member of The Financial Commission, so you can rest assured. The Financial Commission is a third-party organization that specializes in resolving disputes between traders and brokers. When a problem occurs, the trader can directly appeal to The Financial Commission. It is possible to receive compensation of up to 20,000 euros.

FSC licensed

The entire group has two highly reliable financial licenses. It is very safe because it has financial licenses from the Belize Financial Services Commission (FSC) and Cyprus (Cysec). Customer funds are managed separately, so you can rest assured.

You can open an account for free

You can open an account for free. You can apply from the link below.


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