Exness:Causes and Reasons for Unable to Deposit Explanation of How to Reflect


Exness explains in the article why the deposit is not reflected in the trading account by the deposit method. There is no limit on leverage and the spread is narrow, but there are no bonuses, so you cannot trade without making a deposit. Many beginners are worried about making deposits, so we have written an article about what to do if you are unable to make a deposit.

Deposit method and procedure

Please refer to the article below for information on how to deposit money into your account from your personal area, including margin and balance. There is a minimum deposit limit for Exness merchants. Additionally, different fees may apply depending on where the service is provided. There are no other risks. Handling of cards varies depending on the brand. There are quite a lot of financial products in the industry, and we handle many currencies, so we recommend it to investors.

Reasons and solutions for payment failure

We will introduce the reasons why you cannot deposit with Exness and the solutions. I will introduce each of them one by one, so please refer to them.

Identity verification unconfirmed

If you have just opened an account with Exness and your identity has not been verified, you will not be able to deposit using credit cards or cryptocurrencies. Bitwallet, STICPAY, and bank transfer can be used up to $2,000. First of all, please complete the identity verification before trading.

credit card rejection

Exness accepts credit card deposits, but not just any credit card. Exness only accepts JCB, VISA and MasterCard are not available. In fact, Exness does not accept VISA or MasterCard.

Minimum deposit is

Exness has a minimum deposit of $10, so you cannot deposit less than $10. The maximum amount varies depending on the deposit method, and the maximum amount changes frequently, so if you have a lot of funds, be sure to check each time.

bitwallet/STICPAY Deposit

Bitwallet and STICPAY must be registered with the same e-mail address as Exness, and if the e-mail address is different, an error will occur when depositing. If you registered with a different email address, change it to match your Exness email address.

For bank transfer

For bank transfers, the transfer ID must be written in front of the name of the transferee. The transfer ID is displayed on the last page of Exness bank transfer, so don’t miss it. If you do not make it the account holder in the form of transfer ID + name, you will not be able to link it with the account and the payment process will remain pending. Please contact the support center.

Credit card usage limit exceeded

Please note that if you try to deposit an amount that exceeds the credit card usage limit, it will be blocked by the card company. Please ask your credit card company to change the credit card limit.

Prohibited matter

Exness has very few restrictions, but if you violate any of the prohibitions, your account may be frozen. If your account is frozen, you will not be able to process the deposit. Please refer to the following article for details of prohibited items.

Financial institution rules

Deposits may not be possible depending on the bank. Banks may refuse, and some banks may refuse to deposit funds to companies designated by the government, so if you are refused, be sure to ask them why. The same goes for credit and debit card companies.

Minimum initial deposit amount for account type

There is a setting called the initial minimum deposit amount for each account type. The rule is that you must deposit at least $10 for Standard and Standard Cent accounts, and $1000 for Low Spread, Zero, and Pro accounts.

Maximum deposit amount

Exness has a deposit limit set. Please note that deposits exceeding this amount will not be processed and will be rejected.

Credit/Debit Card10,000$
Perfect Money100,000$

Exness has great support

Exness has operational support, and although it may take some time, if you contact them, they will help you until the amount is reflected in your deposit. As mentioned above, there are restrictions such as upper limit on deposits, but the final result will be reflected properly. There are many overseas Forex companies such as XM, ThreeTrader, Axiory, FXGT, TitanFX, etc., but Exness is relatively friendly.

Let’s check the conditions

There are simple rules for making deposits, as explained above, so be sure to follow them carefully. It is quite convenient as you can also pay and transfer things such as BitWallet, WebMoney, JCB Card, online wallet, bank account, and Bitcoin. Please note that authentication may take some time.

Immediate reflection on online wallet or credit card

If it is a credit card or online wallet, it will be reflected immediately. If you are in a hurry or are impatient, either one is better. It will always be reflected within 24 hours. Support will tell you how to deal with the problem, so you can feel free to consult with them. If you are interested, please start by opening an account.


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