Exness:Cashback Site Comparison Which one is recommended?


Exness has people who open accounts via cashback sites. Among them, which site has the best cashback rate? Exness can use cashback sites to further reduce transaction costs.

Cashback site comparison

The details of the cashback sites that Exness usually supports are as follows: When you create a new account, you can currently receive cashback services and rewards by linking your account number and applying for an additional account. Exness is an overseas FX broker that uses zero cuts. Management is very easy and can be done with just one button. We recommend cent accounts that allow you to trade in lots with small amounts, and professional accounts for full-time traders. Automated trading system (EA) settings are also available.

Standard 40%40%$3.2020%
Standard Cent40%40%$3.2020%
Raw Spread0.09USD~27.66USD0.09USD~27.62USD$1.6010%


TariTali is known for its high cashback rate compared to other cashback sites, so it is characterized by a large number of users. It is recommended because the withdrawal conditions are also excellent.



FXRoyalCashBack is also a selling site with the same high cashback rate as TariTali. This site is also a site where many users are registered.



It is a cashback site that is compatible with Exness. Exness has the highest cashback rate in the top class. You can even withdraw directly to your Exness account.



The conditions are not so good compared to the above sites.


Disadvantages of cashback sites

Cashback sites are not only good places. Please note that there are also disadvantages.

No official site bonus

Exness does not have real bonuses or campaigns, but if you open an account or trade via a cashback site, you will often not receive an account opening/deposit bonus from the official site.

can be expensive

Please note that due to the cashback, the original fees and spreads may be wide and the transaction costs may be high.

Open an account directly if you are unsure

If you are unsure, we recommend opening an account directly. It is possible to open an account for free. Please use the article below as a reference. We also have ib partners and have an affiliate program.

Financial license available

Although we do not have a license from the Financial Services Agency in Japan, we hold multiple financial licenses that differ in each country. It has a proven track record, so it can be said to be highly safe. Existing accounts are well protected and managed separately, so you can rest assured. Business days are only weekdays, and the operation support center is also only open on weekdays. Loss cut limit can also be maintained to 0. Zero cut is also adopted.

Industry’s lowest spread

Exness has some of the tightest spreads in the industry. You can also do scalping by using it. The platform is not only MT4 and MT5, but also a web trader with its own system. It is possible to trade in both currencies and there are few restrictions, and you can trade virtual currencies, FX currency pairs, precious metals, energy, etc. No positions or contract rejections will occur.


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