Exness: Reviews, Reputation, and Testimonials from Japanese Users


Exness has users all over the world to become a global Forex company. Among them, Japanese are one of the main customers, so many Japanese traders are also opening accounts. So, I tried to summarize how Japanese users evaluate Exness.

Exness company profile

Founded in 2008, Exness is a world-famous Forex brand with a global presence. Multinational corporate group with official financial licenses in multiple countries, including European and international subsidiaries and affiliates. As of April 2022, it boasts a transaction size of over $2,105 trillion.

Reviews and reputation of users around the world

There are many reviews from users outside Japan, and many of them are highly rated. Please refer to the article below for foreign reviews.

Japanese User Reviews

So what kind of opinions do Japanese users have? I tried to collect not only high-rated but also low-rated opinions, so I hope you can refer to them.

swap free

Exness has currency pair swap set to 0 for most instruments. Being able to hold a swap-free position means you can go long.

Unlimited leverage

Exness has unlimited maximum leverage as long as your margin balance is less than $1000. This point is very popular, and it is a highly recommended Forex company for traders who want to play with a small amount of money.

Transferring funds while holding a position

The good thing about Exness is that it’s very flexible. You can freely move funds even while holding a position, which greatly expands the range of strategies.

no bonus

Exness does not offer any bonuses unlike other Forex brokers. This is a big disadvantage. It can be said that it is a disadvantage because users will compete with their own funds only.

narrow spreads

Exness has extremely narrow spreads. The disadvantage of no bonus is very large, but the narrow spread makes it a highly recommended company for short-term traders.

support is slow to respond

As pointed out in the review article of the foreign user above, the bottleneck is that the support response is very slow. Exness may be tough for those who don’t like waiting.

Loss cut level 0%

It can be said that Exness’s greatest strength is that the loss cut level is 0%. This is a loss cut = full loss, so it depends on the person whether this is good or not. However, the trader’s discretion is important because the loss cut level is low.

Many brands handled

Exness has a wide variety of trading instruments, including FX currency pairs. There are various trading products such as CFDs, virtual currencies, and stock indices, so you won’t have any trouble with the number of stocks.

Open an account for free

Exness allows you to open an account for free. If you are considering opening an account, please do so. It’s free, so there’s no risk.


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