FBS: Are bonuses meaningless? Thorough explanation of account opening bonuses, deposit bonuses, and withdrawal conditions of overseas FX companies


FBS, an overseas FX company, has an account opening and deposit bonus system, and we will explain the latest campaigns in this article. Traders have the opportunity to receive many bonuses. However, in reality, there are many restrictions and pitfalls, so be careful. I will explain about FBS bonuses.

FBS bonus campaign

FBS bonus campaigns include: Not only do you receive profits from the positions you order, but you can also receive bonus funds ranging from $1 to more than $100 just by opening an account and depositing money, so it is recommended when compared to other FX companies. Please note that there is no cushion function, so you cannot use the bonus alone as a margin, but you can withdraw money from the official website. The speed of reflection is also fast.

Account opening bonus (level up bonus)

Account opening bonus is a bonus that is held irregularly. You can receive the FBS account opening bonus if you pass the procedures and tests.

ConditionApply in personal area
Expiry date40 days
Withdrawal conditionsThere are 20 or more trading days
Trade 5Lot or more during the trading day
account typestandard account

Conditions for obtaining account opening bonus

As a condition of the account opening bonus, you must pass a test. The test will ask you basic knowledge of FX. The received bonus is operated in a “bonus-only account” and can be traded for 40 days. After 40 days, the bonus account will disappear and the principal will be transferred to your trading account.

Account opening bonus withdrawal conditions

In fact, the withdrawal conditions for FBS bonuses are quite strict. You cannot withdraw money unless all of the following conditions are met. That is why it is said to be meaningless.

  • Requires more than 20 trading days in 40 days
  • You cannot withdraw money unless you trade 5 lots or more.
  • Valid only for transactions with a price difference of 10 pips or more
  • Target stocks: FX major currency pairs, precious metals
  • Maximum withdrawal amount is up to 140$

How to receive account opening bonus

How to receive the bonus is as follows.

  • Log in to FBS personal area
  • Select “Level Up Bonus” from “Promotion”
  • 3.Click “Open Account” and perform email verification
  • A bonus account will be opened and you will receive $70.
  • Download the FBS personal area app and apply for an additional $70 bonus on the app.

100% deposit bonus

100% Deposit Bonus is a 100% deposit bonus campaign where you can double your funds just by making a deposit. You can receive the deposit bonus as many times as you like until it reaches the upper limit of $10,000.

BonusMax 10000$
ConditionApply in personal area
Expiry date
Withdrawal conditionsTrade the minimum Lot number
account typecent account
standard account
zero spread account
micro account

100% deposit bonus withdrawal conditions

Withdrawal conditions are as follows.

  • Trade the bonus amount you want to withdraw x 1 lot
  • Click “Activate Bonus” within 30 days of deposit
  • Account balance must meet the initial deposit amount

How to receive 100% deposit bonus

Receiving the 100% deposit bonus is as follows:

  • Deposit into trading account
  • Activate bonus within 30 days
  • 3.Bonus granted to eligible accounts


FBS offers cashback, and there are campaigns where bonuses are given as cashback with no upper limit depending on the trading volume. You can earn up to $15 per lot.

Bonus1Lots 15$
ConditionEnable cashback option on login page
Expiry date
Withdrawal conditions
account typeOther than professional accounts

Cashback withdrawal conditions

Cashback can be withdrawn without any conditions. There are no withdrawal requirements like other bonus campaigns. This campaign is applicable to non-professional accounts.

How to receive cashback

How to receive the cashback campaign is as follows.

  • Log in to your personal area
  • Select “Cashback Campaign” from “Promotion”
  • Select an account and turn on the switch next to the account name
  • Trade and earn cashback

Bonus and campaign FAQ

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about bonuses and campaigns. The contents of the luxurious bonuses and campaigns are not much different from those of other companies such as gemforex, exness, fxdd, xmtrading, axiory, bigboss, titanfx, etc., but in the case of FBS, you can withdraw the bonus directly from your My Page as money. There are advantages to being able to do so.

Does it have a cushion function?

FBS bonuses do not have a cushion feature. You cannot use the bonus to withstand losses or trade only with the bonus. If the ratio of account balance to bonus falls below 30%, the entire amount will be forfeited. Be careful when there are unrealized losses; these will disappear as soon as the standard is reached.

Can the bonus be withdrawn?

You can withdraw money depending on the conditions. You can withdraw by fulfilling the bonus amount you want to withdraw x 1 lot. Also, since there are no strict trades such as automated trading (EA), scalping, and double-balance trading, it is attractive that you can operate, decide, and manage at your own discretion. Another thing to be careful about is taxes. Please file a tax return if you make a profit.

Will the bonus disappear?

Some FBS bonuses have expiration dates. When the expiration date expires, it disappears. It also disappears if the account balance falls below a certain amount. Even if the total amount at the end is small, make sure to put the money in advance. Your remittance will not be refused. It is safe as we have a financial license.

Account types eligible for bonuses

The difference is that the account types that give bonuses are mainly standard accounts and cent accounts. Pro accounts are excluded from all campaigns. Although there are disadvantages if you are at a professional level, a professional account is recommended. If you really want unlimited bonuses, choose one of the other accounts. It is convenient because you can use it as funds.

Does the leverage change with bonuses?

The maximum FBS leverage is 3000x, but it is limited to 100x when using the level up bonus and 500x when using the 100% deposit bonus. Since it is not easy to use, the magnification will fluctuate significantly, so users should check it carefully. If you are unsure, you may want to do the calculations.


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