FXGT: How to withdraw from overseas FX and close account Is it possible to re-register? Thorough explanation


How to withdraw from FXGT of an overseas FX company and close your account Is it possible to re-register? We will thoroughly explain the steps with images. If you have actually opened an account but want to use another FX company, or if you have stopped trading FX and have no plans to use the account, we recommend that you cancel your account instead of leaving it alone. Masu. The withdrawal process is not that difficult.

Things to do before leaving

We have summarized the details of what you should do when actually canceling your membership, so please note the following first. This is because there is a risk that if you do not complete MT4 or MT5 payments, you will not be able to do anything after canceling your membership. If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact support for more information. Please note that if you leave your account unattended for 90 days, it will become a dormant account.

Withdraw account balance

If you cancel the account first while the balance remains in the account, you may not be able to withdraw the remaining funds. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is withdraw your money. Set the balance to 0. The bonus expires when you apply for withdrawal.

position settlement

In order to withdraw, your open positions must be zero. It is not possible to proceed with the withdrawal process while holding the position. Traders must make these payments once in full in the target account. Next, move your assets to ewallet without placing a new order. Then transfer the money to your credit card or bank.

Get transaction history

If you trade and make a profit, you will be obliged to report it to the tax office. After withdrawal, you will not be able to check your transaction history. You will not be able to check the history so far, so be sure to output the transaction history and transaction details. Please log in to My Page. Click on “Reports” on the home screen.

You will be able to see various histories from the following. On the report page, there are “deposit/withdrawal history”, “funds transfer history”, and “exchange history”.

You can also download your transaction history from the screen below. Select a time period to download the history of your money flow.

How to withdraw

From now on, the main way to cancel your membership will be to submit a ticket and contact us via the form with the subject line about deletion, but it is also possible to receive instructions via chat etc. You can cancel your membership by contacting the support center. Please note that automatic withdrawal is not possible through user operations.

dormant the account

If you don’t want to actually withdraw, but you don’t plan to use the account for a while, there is a way to treat it as dormant. If your MT5 account has zero funds, it will automatically be treated as a dormant account if you do not trade for a month. However, if your account goes dormant with a balance remaining, a monthly maintenance fee of $10 will be deducted. Please do not leave it unattended even if you withdraw or put it to sleep. If you do not trade for a while, we recommend that you withdraw funds from your account.

Account re-registration after cancellation

Once you cancel your subscription, you cannot re-register using the same account (same email address). If you wish to resume trading, you can re-register your account using a different email address. However, having multiple accounts is a violation of the terms and may result in your account being suspended. You will need to create it again by verifying the identity of your personal information on the official website of the operator. You can start trading after enabling it.

Document verification required again

In case of re-registration, document authentication is required again. You will need your My Number card, driver’s license, passport, etc. immediately. You will need to upload and submit your content from the menu. You will also need to submit a valid document showing your address, so be prepared. You can receive the account opening bonus within 30 days.

Plenty of trading tools

Tools include MT4 and MT5. It’s quite convenient because you can access it on your smartphone from the menu, download it, install it, and use it. If you have your account number and password, you can immediately place an order and trade. Maximum leverage is 1000x. We are also licensed by the Financial Services Agency, so you can rest assured.

There are many account types

There are many account types. There are mini, Crypto max, standard, PRO, and ECN accounts. New demo and corporate accounts can also be created. If you make a profit, you will need to file a tax return, so be sure to save your transaction history.


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