HFM (formerly HotForex): Reputation and word of mouth FX company overview, reliability and safety survey, license


HF Markets is one of the most popular Forex companies in the world. More than 3 million accounts have been opened all over the world, and the majority of traders are trading. So, I’m here at twilight to let you know about this company’s information. Please refer to it if you are considering opening an account.

HF Markets company profile

The company profile of HF Markets is as follows. The company’s name has always been Hot Forex, but it changed to HFM in 2022. HFM is a very popular company, especially in Europe, and has received over 60 awards, making it very popular and well-known. Furthermore, in 2020, we signed an official partnership agreement with Paris Saint-Germain, a powerful French soccer team. Compared to XM, iforex, bigboss, fxgt, traderstrust, axiory, easy markets, exness, etc., it has a very high reputation worldwide and ranks high in the ranking of popular FX brokers.

Company NameHF Markets(SV)Ltd
AddressSuite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, P.O. Box 1510,
Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Capital Stock?
Number of employees250
LicenceIBC No: 22747 IBC 2015 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
URLHome Page

Is it highly safe and reliable? What do you think?

HF Markets has many group companies, and each branch office has obtained many financial licenses. The most prominent among these are the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). These two are notoriously difficult to obtain licenses for. It is quite reliable to say that you have obtained this. In addition, assets are managed separately, and customer funds are never used as company funds without permission. The group also holds FSA licenses in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dubai, Cyprus, Seychelles and South Africa.

HF Markets(SV)LtdSaint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (FSA)
HF Markets(DIFC)LtdDubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
HF Markets(UK)LtdUK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) License number “801701”
HF Markets(Europe)LtdCyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
HF Markets(Europe)LtdFinancial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius (FSC)
HF Markets SA(PTY)LtdSouth African Financial Industry Conduct Authority (FSCA)
HF Markets(Seychelles)LtdSeychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA)
HFM Investments LimitedCapitalMarkets Authority(CMA)

Wide range of financial products

HF Markets is known as an FX company, but we handle not only foreign exchange and currency pairs. We also handle a wide range of other financial products such as metals, virtual currencies, energy, stocks, indexes, commodities, bonds, exchange traded funds, etc., so it is highly recommended not only for FX traders but also for traders of stocks and virtual currencies. We are a company that can. There are few disadvantages and the support is very good. Contract rejection will not occur.

long-established company

HF Markets was established in 2010, so it has been running steadily for over 10 years. More than 70% of most companies will disappear within a few years after starting a business. In the world of investment, there are many fraudulent companies that run away with money and then change the company name and establish a new company. You will not encounter it. In the case of a fraudulent company, it is not possible to operate under the same company name for 10 years.

Trading with 1000x leverage

The strength of HF Markets is that it allows for 1000x leverage trading. Other FX companies do not do leverage trading to this extent. It probably has one of the highest leverage settings of any Forex company in the world. Premium accounts have wide spreads, while others have narrower spreads and can trade with narrower maximum pips. The official website also displays the leverage details and regulations for financial services. You can earn unlimited money with the highest leverage.

Many deposit and withdrawal methods

HFM has a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. Online wallets (Bitcoin, bitpay) are the fastest, but bank transfers, credit cards (VISA), debit cards (JCB), etc. are also supported. The procedure is simple and you can easily apply through myHF. There are also deposit bonuses available for a limited time.

Supports virtual currency deposits and withdrawals

It may be said that it is unusual among FX companies. HF Markets has the advantage of accepting deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies. Many other Forex companies only accept bank transfers and credit cards, so this will be an advantage. In addition, it is also a company famous for its very fast reflection of deposits and withdrawals.

Abundant account types

HF Markets has high-spec accounts and bonus accounts, and a total of 6 account types, as well as demo accounts and Islamic accounts, making it a FX company that can meet a variety of needs. There are many stocks, and stop-loss cuts are also applied. We also have our own professional accounts, which allow us to use scalping, trading, automatic trading (EA) tools, etc. If you are unsure, start with a cent account with the minimum amount of small transactions. Currently, the order format is usually STP/ECN. You can also trade on your smartphone. Minimum funds are around $5, $200, and $500.

CentPremiumMicroZero SpreadHF CopyNo deposit bonusdeposit bonus
Minimum deposit amount$5$5$5$200$500
Maximum leverage1000500100050040010001000
Spread typeFluctuationFluctuationFluctuationFluctuation
Minimum spread1.0 pip1.0 pip1.0 pip0.0 pip1.0 pip1.0 pip1.0 pip
Maximum open position150300150500300500500
transaction feeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
margin call50%50%40%50%50%50%50%
Trade InstrumentsForex MetalForex
Energy Indice
Stock Commodity ETF
Funds Crypto
Energy Indice
Stock Commodity ETF
Funds Crypto
Energy Indice
Stock Commodity ETF
Funds Crypto
Metal Energy
Energy Indice
Stock Commodity ETF
Funds Crypto
Energy Indice
Stock Commodity ETF
Funds Crypto

Currency information is introduced on the following page. You can trade many products with low capital and reduce losses. You can also add funds, so don’t worry. If you are concerned, please check the terms of use.

Financial products are very rich

In addition to currency pairs, we have a large selection of stocks such as precious metals (gold, silver), energy, stock indexes, stocks, and virtual currencies (Bitcoin). There are more than 500 to 1000 at the latest, so traders can get a good deal. We are competitive with other companies such as fbs, threetrader, titanfx, easymarkets, fxdd, and ironfx. Trading is not guaranteed, so trade at your own risk.

The trading platform is also extensive.

The platform also includes MT4 and MT5, making it very easy for traders. You can download it for free by logging in. Compatible with all accounts including cent, micro, and premium accounts. The MT5 environment is constantly renewed and updated with the latest information, and the functions are good, making selection and payment speeds fast. 24 hour trading is also possible. Multiple operations are possible by creating multiple accounts. Be careful about trading and techniques that are prohibited. You can also place limit and stop orders. Depending on the type of denomination, your account will be frozen and you will not be able to receive bonuses, deposits, or withdrawals.

Luxurious bonus campaign

HF Markets’ strength is that it always holds luxurious bonus campaigns. Traders will be happy to know that there is always some kind of bonus, such as a 50% welcome bonus, 100% credit bonus, or a loyalty program. There are not many Forex companies that offer this many bonuses. The bonus has a cushion function and can be used as margin. It is possible to earn standard money even with the minimum amount.

You can earn money with popular copy trading

The characteristics of HF Markets are that they provide copy trading services and that they have a wide variety of services. Copy trading uses a strategy provided by an excellent trader to automatically copy the trade and make a profit. Position, lot level, etc. can be adjusted. As with normal CFD trading, swap points are also subject to trading and occur when held in an order. There are also types of swap accounts that offer free points.

Free VPS server can be used for automatic trading etc.

The strength of HF Markets is that you can use a VPS server for free. Of course, there are conditions, but if you want to use VPS, please use HF Markets’ VPS. The specs are not that different from other companies, but the fact that it’s free is a big plus. Although the overall rules of the operating company are strict, it can be operated without any problems. There are relatively few problems.

Free trading tools

HFM has a wide range of trading tools that can be used for free. There are many tools that can assist traders, so it is possible to trade while using them, which is attractive. If you are a new player, once you have put in some cash, use the tool to find out how you can fight and calculate the possibilities. You can also check transaction costs such as USD, JPY, EUR, etc.

Civil liability insurance system

The strength of HF Markets is that it is managed from a trader’s perspective. Unusually for an FX company, we have an insurance system to protect traders. Up to 5 million euros, because it is insured and thorough customer protection. It is also known as a Forex company that does not have many complaints.

Supports 26 languages

HF Markets has a large number of registered traders around the world, so it supports 26 languages around the world. Therefore, no matter where you live in the world, changing the language settings on the HFM homepage will make it much easier to use. The support center is only open on weekdays, but you can contact us by phone, live chat, or email for both important and simple matters. You can also make inquiries using the dedicated bulletin board or form.

Rich learning content

HFM has a wide variety of learning content that you can self-study. Of all the brokers in the world, HFM is the only one that has such a wealth of content. Users can learn 100% free of charge, which is a big advantage. You can learn about various market prices, tax returns, fund management, trading hours, margin calls, analysis, markets, etc. on HFM’s My Page and official website.

free webinar

HFM is holding webinars with English explanations. You will learn a lot because English-speaking instructors will teach you know-how about direct investment and exchange rates. Although it is basically only available on weekdays, you can learn about the latest version of real trading situations, markets, etc. You can learn how to find the basis for safe trading, knowledge, and a wide range of matters.

Adopts zero cut

HFM uses a zero cut system. With the zero cut system, traders have no risk of chasing debts. In other words, even if your account balance becomes negative, HFM will compensate you. The specifications are determined, and it is basically activated when the timing situation is met. This is more likely to occur due to high leverage and high value trades.

Demo trading contest

There is a trading contest held every month by HF Markets. There is no need to use your own funds to compete on a demo account. Therefore, it is a risk-free event that even beginners can easily participate in. Another benefit is that it is held every month, so there is a chance to win prizes every month. There are currently no restrictions, and you can participate as long as you have a demo account. The important thing to remember is that the winner is determined by the profit margin, not the amount. You can check it in the article below.

Return on free margin

Return on Free Margin, often abbreviated as ROFM, is a return event held at HF Markets. There are many traders who take advantage of this system, which returns excess margin and interest based on trading volume. You can apply by logging into your account. This is a cashback event that is rare even by industry standards. You can also do this with apps. Check out all the details below.

Opening an account is free

HFM allows you to open an account for free. As we will introduce in the article below, it is very easy to do, so please feel free to open an account. There are hfcopy, etc., and the follower function is also complete, so you can trade safely. Once the documents have been reviewed, it will become valid and you can trade for as little as $5 on average and as little as $100. Unless you are an advanced player, we recommend starting with a small amount, and you can use leverage of up to around 2000x.


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