HFM (formerly HotForex): What is copy trading? How to open an HFCopy FX account


HF Markets offers what is called a copy account. Copy trading is possible with a copy account. HFcopy accounts are available to both strategy providers and followers who have joined HFcopy.

What is HF Copy?

HF Markets provides users with a copy trading service called HF Copy. Distributors are called Strategy Providers and are traders who have passed the screening by HF Markets. Users make copy trades to follow these traders.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading sees what people actually trade and buys and sells for others to follow. This makes it easier for even inexperienced and inexperienced traders to make profits. As an image, it is the same as “mirror trade”. Also, unlike automatic trading, there is no need to prepare a VPS or download tools. The problem is that if you don’t copy trade a skilled trader with trading skills, you can lose a lot of money.

veteran level

The trade distributor must be a veteran class. You can’t win unless you copy the winning traders. Therefore, even if you copy trade, it is not guaranteed that you will win. Participate knowing that you are responsible for yourself.

Recommended for people who are busy and don’t have time to trade

This style is recommended for office workers who are usually busy and do not have time to trade. If you can’t afford to trade, you’ll have no choice but to leave it to the pros.

can study

The good thing about copy trading is that you can learn where advanced traders enter and whether they are taking profits or cutting losses. At first, you won’t be able to do technical analysis, and you won’t even know the timing of your entry. It will be a good study.

Even beginners can win

Copy trading allows even beginners to copy experienced traders, so they can start winning right away. Therefore, even beginners can make profits quickly. Therefore, you can feel safe when depositing your funds.

Not good practice

Copy trading involves imitating the trades of experienced traders, so it has the advantage of allowing you to quickly win, but it does not improve your trading skills in any way. Therefore, you will have to practice eventually to be able to win.

Participation conditions for HF Copy

To join HF Copy, it is not enough to just open an account. In addition, it is necessary to open an account dedicated to copy trading. A copy trading account is called a follower account.

Glossary of terms

HF Markets has a unique expression for this copy trade. Strategy Providers are trade distributors and experienced traders. A follower is a user. My follower account refers to an account dedicated to copy trading.

MT4 installation

You use MT4 for copy trading. Please install MT4 for PC or MT4 for smartphone application. It is used for checking copy trades and for manual settlement.

How to open a copy trade

I will explain how to open a copy trade. To get started, you must open an account. Please refer to the article below to complete account creation. You can participate in copy trading by creating a myhf account. HFM is very popular among overseas FX brokers such as xm, vantage, bigboss, easymarkets, threetrader, and exness. You can also choose leverage. A percentage of copy trading fees will be paid to the strategy provider as a commission based on the performance.

Once you have created and activated your account, log in. Select “HD Copy” from the left menu and click “New Follower”. The next page is a simple test listing page.

You have to take an aptitude test. If you do not pass this, you will not be able to participate in copy trading. Test until you pass. If you successfully pass the test, you can open an HFcopy account. In addition, the leverage can only be selected to 400 times. After that, you will be issued an account number and password, so please make a note of them.

Follow Strategy Providers. Select “HD Copy” from the left menu and select “Strategy List”. You can follow by pressing the Follow button. Copy trading is initiated by following the selected strategy provider.

You can specify various parameters (settings) for copy trading.

Follower account selection: You can specify which of the follower accounts to follow.

Additional amount to strategy (USD): Specifies the initial investment amount.

Trading volume distribution ratio selection: When copying a trade, you can set whether to copy it exactly as it is or trade with a slightly reduced number of trading lots. The distribution rate can be selected in the range of 20% to 100%.

Rescue level selection: Loss cut level can be selected in the range of 0 to 40%.

Minimum copy trading volume 0.01: If this parameter is set to ‘Yes’, any order volume below 0.01 lot will be automatically rounded up to 0.01 lot for trading.

Provider basic information

To be successful, you must choose a competent provider. When choosing, pay attention to the following: More detailed information about the provider will be displayed on the copy trade provider’s profile screen. The system allows you to select different past results such as reviews, margin maintenance rate, profits, and losses and see the performance of each individual investor in real time.


In the performance section, the profit rate of the strategy provider is displayed and visualized, making it very easy to see. Will the market rate of return be low or high, and how much will the assets increase? You can tell whether it is an excellent strategy provider by having a stable score. Providers should be better than automated trading (EA) tools.


In trading, you can check the ratio of products under management, past trading volume, average profit and loss, etc. It is displayed as a pie chart, making it easy to understand what stocks have been good at and what currency pairs they are good at. HFM has a variety of stocks such as energy, precious metals, virtual currencies, stock indexes, stocks, and currency pairs. Trade products vary greatly depending on the trader.

Recommended for people with many followers

Strategy providers tend to have a very small number of followers for those who lose the entire amount. Having a large number of followers doesn’t necessarily mean anything is good, but it does give you a sense of security. You can also see the number of active days and maximum drawdown, so please take a comprehensive look at it and make a decision.

Payment by followers themselves

A follower basically means imitating the trading of a strategy provider. However, if the provider’s trades are not reliable enough, followers can close their positions themselves by logging into MT4. This will also allow you to drop the position on your own.

Providers you can follow

A follower account can only follow one strategy provider account. So what should I do to follow multiple people? By opening a new follower account, you will be able to follow another provider. You can have up to 10 follower accounts.

What happens if I leave it for more than 60 days?

Accounts left unfollowed for more than 60 days will be archived, and archived follower accounts cannot be restored. However, you can open a new follower account right away, so you can start following people again.

Automatic release

Even if followers follow a strategy provider, they may be automatically unsubscribed. This is the case when there are no positions or no account balance.


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