HFM (formerly HotForex): Return on Free Margin How to receive bonus Cashback


Events and promotions are held frequently at HF Markets, so there are plenty of events you won’t want to miss. Among them, Return on Free Margin is very popular because it is an event where you can receive an interest rate of 3%.

HFM features and functions

HFM has many functions and features. It is also introduced on the official website page. There is a lot of information on points, cash back, loyalty programs, etc., which makes it very attractive. There is a cushion function, and you can trade with just the bonus. What you save can be exchanged for cash. It is quite complete compared to ironfx, vantage, easymarkets, bigboss, threetrader, xm, axiory, iforex, and fxgt. Some areas are not eligible for the promotion.

maximum leverage is high

The maximum leverage is 2000x. Investors can hold a large number of positions, and if a loss occurs, a stop-loss function will be applied. A zero cut system will also be used if the balance becomes negative. The pips width is narrow, and the spread ranges from wide to narrow. The official website also has great support. Automated trading (EA) tools, scalping, and double trading are also available. The server is also running stably.

Many account types

Minimum spreads and lots vary depending on the account type. A 100% swap-free dedicated account is also available, and a demo account is also available. Products include currency pairs, ETFs, precious metals (gold, silver), energy, virtual currencies, CFDs, stock indexes, etc. Accounts that are not used will be archived and the HF bar will disappear, so please be careful about the terms of use.

What is Return on Free Margin?

Return on Free Margin, often abbreviated as ROFM, is a return event at HF Markets. It is said that the surplus margin and interest according to the trading volume are returned, and there are many traders who are making good use of it.

Features of Return on Free Margin

Return on Free Margin has the following features:

Measurement method

This event is held all the time. It is a system that measures from the 1st to the last day of every month and pays interest if the following acquisition conditions are met.

Acquisition conditions

There are conditions to receive Return on Free Margin. Interest can be earned by users who meet the free margin and monthly trading volume requirements. Given that the free margin is $1,000 or more, it may feel a bit of a hurdle for small traders.

Periodall the time
Target userAll users with account approval
Target accountMicro Account/Premium Account/Zero Spread Account/HF Copy Account
Acquisition conditions$1,000 or more in free margin
Monthly trading volume is 5lots or more
interest rate grant2-3% of free margin
Target issueForex currency pairs, gold and silver

How to receive interest

Such users will have this interest paid to their account wallet in the first week of the following month. You can withdraw the received funds as they are, or you can transfer the funds and use them for trading.

How to receive interest

Such users will have this interest paid to their account wallet in the first week of the following month. You can withdraw the funds you receive or transfer them and use them for trading.

Reflected in wallet

The Return on Free Margin mechanism involves participating in HFM eligible accounts. And if a certain amount of lot is traded and a certain amount of acquisition conditions are met, the profit is automatically given to My Wallet. Therefore, there is no need for any troublesome processing on the user’s side.

How to calculate surplus margin

The interest rate is 2-3% of the surplus margin. The surplus margin is calculated by surplus margin = effective margin – used margin – bonus. It depends on whether you can meet this calculated surplus margin of 2% to 3%.

Eligibility for Return on Free Margin

To participate in the Return on Free Margin project, you must first open an account. You can create an account from the following. Please refer to the article below for instructions on how to open an account.

How to participate in Return on Free Margin

To participate in Return on Free Margin, first access the homepage.

Home Page

You can switch languages from the button on the top right of the homepage. Click “Promotion” → “Contest” to operate.

Source : https://www.hfm.com/

Select “Return on Free Margin”.

You can participate by clicking the “Participate” button.

Return on Free Margin FAQ

A summary of return on free margin.

Are the funds in your wallet eligible?

The funds in my wallet need to be transferred to a trading partner account. Please note that funds in your wallet will not be eligible.

Can it be used as margin?

Return on Free Margin has no restrictions when used for trading, so it can be used as margin.

When will I receive the refund amount?

The refund amount will be reflected in your myHF wallet on the first week of every month. Please note that the amount will be transferred in the currency set in your basic account.

What is the campaign period?

Return on Free Margin is a bonus campaign that started in 2022. Currently, it is an always-on event, but there is a possibility that it will be changed to a limited-time campaign in the future.

Target conditions

Return on free margin is subject to conditions. This only applies to newly opened accounts. Others are not covered. Also, even though it is called an account, it is only valid for a real account that has been activated. Please note that demo accounts are not eligible.

Is there an age limit?

Return on Free Margin requires you to be 18 years of age or older. Of course, it doesn’t matter what your occupation is. Rest assured that you are eligible to participate, whether you are a housewife or unemployed.


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