HFM (formerly HotForex): Crude Oil UKOIL vs USOIL Differences FX Trading Explained


HFM also allows CFD investment. Among the chart price transactions, we recommend crude oil such as ukoil and usoil. As everyone knows, crude oil has become a necessity of life, so it is a resource with extremely high global demand. WTI crude oil and Brent crude oil are available for investment at HFM.

What is USOIL?

USOIL is crude oil produced in the West Texas region of the United States. This is often referred to as WTI crude oil and is often symbolized as USOIL. This crude oil is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange and is known for its extremely high trading volume. This crude oil has the property that the price fluctuates mainly in conjunction with gasoline and light oil.

What is UKOIL?

UKOIL is crude oil that is mainly mined in the Brent field between Norway and the United Kingdom. Also known as Brent crude oil, it is mainly traded in the European and Asian markets. Therefore, the price range tends to fluctuate due to the influence of the European and Asian markets.

Handling FX company

Both types of crude oil are handled by many FX companies. Of course, we also handle HFM.

Loss CutSpread
XMTrading66.7/66.720%0.03/0.03100% Deposit
AXIORY20/2020%0.4/0.5100% Deposit
HFM66/5020%0.07/0.09100% Deposit

Notes on crude oil trading

If you do not know the main factors that move the price of crude oil, there are many cases where you will unexpectedly lose money while trading, so be careful.

political situation

Crude oil is generally a commodity and therefore has a large impact on the political situation. In particular, the global political situation has a great impact. Due to the deterioration of the world economy and political instability in oil-producing countries, there is a high possibility that crude oil prices will fluctuate greatly, so I usually pay attention to world news. The current focus is on the Russia-Ukraine war, which risks going from bad to worse if China invades Taiwan.

USOIL and the American economy

As explained above, USOIL is American crude oil, so it is closely related to the US economy and can significantly shake economic indicators. Furthermore, because it is the most famous brand, the price of USOIL is used as the benchmark for crude oil prices around the world. Keep an eye on the oil inventory statistics released by the US Energy Information Administration every Wednesday.

USOIL and UKOIL interlock

It is known that USOIL and UKOIL behave in a similar way in terms of chart price movements. If one falls, the other will be affected. In addition, the trend of the market tends to be a large long-term trend that continues, so once the range breaks, the trend will continue for a while. It can be said that it is a very competitive market for trend followers. Conversely, if you keep resisting, you will be defeated forever.

trends are likely to occur

Crude oil is a stock that tends to trend in one direction, and once a trend occurs, it tends to continue for a long time. Therefore, it can be said that the market is very easy to fight for trend followers. In order to trade, it is best to think and trade in terms of a large scale, such as a daily scale.

high volatility

The crude oil market is generally very liquid. The volatility is at least higher than the exchange rate, so if you go against the movement, you will end up in a lot of trouble, so be careful. Please be aware that the exchange rate may move several times faster than the exchange rate depending on the day.

Open an account with HFM

You can open an account with HFM for free. We also handle crude oil, and other than that, we also handle foreign exchange, stocks, and virtual currencies, and the number of stocks exceeds 1000. Since it is possible to open an account for free, you can easily open an account. I hope you can refer to the following articles.


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