HFM(former HotForex): Support center, contact information Response hours and weekends and holidays


HF Markets has a support center. For example, when you can’t log in to My Page or trade, you will always rely on the support center when you are in trouble. This section explains the response time of the support center and how to respond.

Inquiry method

You can contact HF Markets in 3 different ways: email, live chat and even phone. However, the response time for each inquiry method is different.

Time(Japan Time)Responce Time
Live ChatWinter Time:15:30-24:00
Summer Time:14:30-23:00
Email24 HoursWithin 1 day
TelephoneWinter Time:15:30-24:00
Summer Time:14:30-23:00
Designated Time

Supports 26 languages

As you can see on the HF Markets homepage, it supports 26 languages. We support the following languages, so you can feel free to contact us from anywhere in the world.

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

Since it is basically a holiday, the support center will stop responding. This will also stop the document review at the time of account opening. Furthermore, it will stop if some kind of confirmation work is required for deposits and withdrawals. However, it is possible to trade virtual currencies even on weekends and holidays.

Christmas and New Year holidays

During Christmas and New Year holidays, business hours and days may change from normal. Details will be announced by HFM management at that time, so please check back. In addition, although Christmas support is relatively normal in many cases, special attention is required during the year-end and New Year holidays, as there may be holidays in between.

Obon and Golden Week support

In Japan, there is a period called Obon. Obon refers to the period in mid-August, and support centers in Japan may be closed during this period. Support for other languages continues as usual. The same can be said for Golden Week as well. Japanese language support may be closed during Golden Week.

Holiday handling

In the case of holidays, depending on the country or region, there are cases where the service is closed, and there are cases where the service will be handled as usual. HFM supports 26 languages, so it is preferable to inquire whether it is possible each time.

live chat

HF Markets Live Chat is the preferred contact method for instant answers. You can use this inquiry method even before creating an account. “Live support” is the live chat start button at the top of the homepage.

Home Page

However, in the case of live chat, inquiries can be made without an account, but personal information must be entered in advance. If you have an account, you can make an inquiry by entering your ID and password. After entering, you can contact the staff.


There are two ways to contact us by email. One is to inquire from the inquiry form. Clicking on “Contact US” will launch the form.

You can send it by filling in the required items.

Another way is to use your own mailer to send the email. The following e-mail will be the e-mail of the supporter center.

Customer Support(asia)backofficeasia@hfm.com
Customer Support(Spanish)supportlatam@hfm.com
Customer Support(Arabic)arabic@hfm.com
Customer Support(Chinese)supportcn@hfm.com
Customer Support(Korean)kr@hfm.com
affiliate supportpartners@hfm.com
Affiliates Departmentaffiliatesdept@hfm.com
Introducing Brokerib@hfm.com


If you wish to receive a phone call or a callback, you must apply in advance. If you wish to be called back, please make a request by chat or email, and the staff at the nearest branch office will call you back at the desired time.


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