HFM(former HotForex): Trading calculation tool that can be used for free


HF Markets is a famous Forex company where many traders around the world open accounts and trade. Against this background, the company has a wide range of tools that can be used free of charge. These functions can be used without opening an account.

trading calculator

Trading calculators are tools developed independently by HF Markets. All of them are easy to use, and by inputting, it will automatically calculate and calculate the calculation result. It is a recommended tool when planning a strategy in advance or when you want to simulate.

First, go to the HF Markets homepage. Click “Trade Calculator” from the “Tools” menu.

Then you can use the following 8 types of tools for free. Even users who have not opened an account can use it.

risk ratio calculator

The Risk Calculator easily calculates lot sizes by stating quotes, stop loss values and even currency pairs. All you need to mention is that the account base currency, currency pair, open price, buy or sell, stop loss, balance, risk tolerance rate are entered and calculated to produce the lot size.

Multi-target calculator

This tool will tell you the profit line for your position at a certain target level in order to get the maximum return on risk. By specifying the currency pair, base currency, lot size, entry price, settlement price, etc. and calculating, it will calculate the profit and loss.

pivot point calculator

The Pivot Point Calculator will help you find resistance by entering high, low and open prices. By looking at this, it can be said that it estimates where the support line is on the chart.

pip value calculator

The pip value calculation tool is said to calculate the price movement per pis depending on the base currency, currency pair, and position of the account.

position size calculator

The position size calculator accurately calculates the position size, so by looking at this calculated value, you can think about where to place your stop loss and take profit. Enter gold currency, leverage, instrument type and symbol. You can choose whether you want to calculate margin or trade volume.

swap calculator

The swap calculation tool is a tool that is often prepared by other Forex companies. It is said that it will calculate the swap that is directly reflected in the account balance, and it can be calculated by specifying the trading volume, product type, and basic account.

Risk and profit calculator

This tool uses a technical method called Fibonacci retrace to determine the profit and risk of the holding position.

fibonacci calculator

Using a technical technique called Fibonacci Retrace, we calculate support and resistance retracement values at four basic Fibonacci ratios: 23.8%, 38.2%, 50% and 61.8%.


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