HFM (former HotForex): Contents and features of educational videos


HF Markets is one of the most popular Forex companies in the world. It is also a popular company where many traders around the world open accounts and trade, so there is a lot of content. Here is an educational video.

educational video

HF Markets has uploaded a very content-rich video series that you can watch for free. It is a video series that specializes in foreign exchange, and the content is aimed at beginners, so it is highly recommended for beginners who want to start trading. You can watch the video on the HF Markets homepage.

Open the official page and follow the steps below. You can switch the language with the button on the upper right of the screen. For operation, click “HFM Educational Video” from “Education”.

There are tons of educational videos uploaded in many genres. You can watch many videos according to your purpose, such as not only basic terms in Forex, but also the significance of indicators and central banks, as well as trading strategies.

Educational video features

The educational video series has the following features:

English version only

Instructional videos are available in English only. Therefore, it may be a bit difficult to use for users who do not understand English.

Expert commentary

The instructional videos are explained by specialists in the fields of finance and securities. Since it is a commentary in a specialized field, the content is very dense, and beginners can learn most of it just by looking at it.


This video series has a lot of beginner content. It is very suitable for those who want to start trading or those who have started trading but cannot win easily. On the contrary, for advanced traders, there is not much to learn.

Specializing in Forex

This educational video is primarily focused on Forex. However, since technical analysis is also applicable to stocks and virtual currencies, the lecture content can be applied to other fields.

No need to open an account

This video series is available for viewing without an HF Markets account. Therefore, it is not necessary to open an account and can be viewed for free, so anyone with an internet environment can view it.


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