XMTrading: What is a cookie? Thorough explanation of account setup and cancellation methods


When I open the official website of XM, I see the following screen saying “This website uses cookies”. Some people may find this offensive. For those of you who don’t know about cookies, you may not know what they are used for and whether they are safe to continue, so I will explain.

What is a cookie? What exactly is it?

A cookie is a data file that records detailed settings for each user. The function of cookies makes it possible to quickly identify and solve bad things. By using cookies, for example, it is possible to omit the input of ID and pass when depositing funds from My Page, and it is possible to instantly display the set user name and language. It becomes.

On the other hand, if cookies are not set, you will be asked to enter your ID and Pass every time you make a deposit or trade after logging in to My Page, or you will have to set the language every time, which can be quite inconvenient. . A cookie is not a virus that invades your computer, but is an excellent function to improve convenience.

XM Trading cookies

When you access the official XMTrading page, a pop-up dialog like the one below should appear on the website. This is a cookie. A screen to select it in the browser will appear like a tool. I have written something about personal information, but you can delete it. We’re not trying to steal your content with your data. We do this because we want to check the visitor’s access history and use it to make improvements in order to make the most of the content.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

It’s not a virus, it’s not a hack. If XM asks about cookies, press “Continue” and you’re good to go. It’s convenient the next time you log in, and you can’t use some features unless cookies are turned on.

How to set cookies

We will tell you how to set up cookies. When the above screen appears, click on “Cookie Policy”. Members can view details and terms of use regarding the privacy policy, services, security mechanisms, servers, and consent to system usage rules such as browsing history.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

You will be taken to the cookie settings screen, so please uncheck it according to your preferences. By selecting it, it will be recognized in the future and pop-ups will no longer appear.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

You can turn off anything other than functional cookies, so if you are concerned about it, turn it off. Click “Save settings and close page” and you’re done. Even if you have set it once, you can change your cookie settings by clicking “Cookie policy” at the bottom of the XM official page.

Types of XM cookies

There are 4 types of XM cookies, basically all of them should be enabled. If you open the official website and click the “Continue” button on the displayed cookie usage, all four types of cookies will be enabled. By enabling it, you can save extra effort such as entering login information and setting cookies, and you can improve XM to a more user-friendly site based on user information collected by cookies.

functional cookie

Default is Enabled. This cookie is necessary for using XM and cannot be changed. It is an essential cookie to operate the official XM website, and if disabled, the official website of XM will not function properly, so it cannot be disabled by unchecking it on the user side.

analytical cookies

Disabled by default. You can freely change the settings. Analytical cookies use the information provided by analytical cookies to analyze the behavioral patterns of users visiting XM, and based on that information, identify areas on the XM site that require maintenance.

promotional cookies

Disabled by default. You can freely change the settings. Promotional cookies are cookies that track who visits our website and allow us to display relevant and attractive advertisements to each user.

preference cookie

Disabled by default. You can freely change the settings. We remember information that affects how XM Sites behave and appear, such as your preferred language and region of residence.

Disadvantages and precautions when using cookies

While using cookies is convenient, there are also disadvantages and precautions.

Risk of abuse

As for the disadvantages, you can log in automatically without entering your login information, so if a third party who does not want your login information to know uses your computer with your login information, there is a possibility that it will be misused. higher. If your computer is stolen, of course you need to be careful not to steal your computer or smartphone. Please take security measures properly by setting authentication, fingerprint authentication, and password.

Risk of misuse by operators

Please be assured that cookies will not be abused by the management side. There have been no such cases to date and no reports from users.


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