XM Trading : How to open a demo account and how to log in to MT4/MT5


This article introduces and explains how to log in to an XMTrading demo account, operate MT trading, and open it, with images. By opening a demo account, you can start demo trading using your virtual balance in 3 minutes. You can practice trading with your desired margin amount as many times as you like by resetting or adding to your balance. This article covers everything from how to open an XM demo account to how to log into the trading tools MT4 and MT5.

How to open a demo account

First, please access the demo account opening form using the button below. Most overseas Forex brokers have demo accounts available. Funds can be replenished as much as you like, and the environment will be a server different from the real one. Since the money is virtual money, there is no real profit, but there is also no risk. You can create an account from the official website or management website. You don’t need to submit any identity verification, so you can start right away. It is simple to use and you can trade even on your smartphone.

Demo account opening application form

Enter simple personal information on the form page. (Enter all items using half-width alphanumeric characters.) All fields are required, but as long as you enter your email address correctly, you can start demo trading without any problems. Login information and platform information will be sent to your email address, so please make sure it is correct. Once enabled, you will be able to log in and place your order using this information. Since it is a virtual account, withdrawals are not possible.

First name : Enter your name below in Roman letters.

Last name : Enter your last name in Roman letters.

Country of Residence : Select from the list.

City of Town : Enter your city of residence。

Code : Select your country code from the list.

Phone : Include your phone number.

Email : Enter your email address.

Preferred Language : Select your preferred language from the list.

Trading Platform:Select “MT4” or “MT5”

Account Type : Select from “Standard account”, “KIWAMI pole account” and “ZERO account”

Account Base Currency : Select one base currency from “EUR” “USD” “JPY”

Leverage : Select 1:1 to 1:1000 from the list

Investment Amount : Select account balance from list

Determining Account Password

Decide on a password for your demo account. Enter your desired password in “Account Password” and “Confirm Password”. The alphanumeric characters used for the account password should include at least one character of “lower case”, “upper case”, and “number”, and set a string of 8 to 15 characters in which each character is mixed. After filling in the fields, click Open demo account.

Demo account opened

If there is no problem with the contents of the demo account opening form, it will display “Please confirm your email address” as shown in the image below.

Verify email address

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you registered with XM. In the confirmation email, there is a button to complete the account registration, so be sure to click it to authenticate.

E-mail notification of completion of demo account opening

Once the demo account registration procedure is complete, you will receive another email from XM Trading. Your account details email will again contain your ID and server information to log into your trading account.

Download and install MT4/MT5

Once you have opened a demo account, install MT4/MT5 so you can practice trading.
From here, we will explain how to download, install, and connect XM’s MT4/MT5. You can try the overview for free, and there are also custom indicators. Execution power is high, and automatic trading is also possible.

Download MT4/MT5

XM’s MT4/MT5 can be downloaded from the XM trading website.

When you open the downloaded installation file, it will ask “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” Click “Yes”. Then, the consent form will be displayed, so please check the contents and click next. The installation will begin and will normally complete within a few minutes.

How to login to MT4/MT5

Click on the installed XM Trading MT4/MT5 to start it.

Enter login information

When the login information input screen is displayed, enter “Login ID”, “Password” and “Server”. Enter your ID and server information while checking the email you received when you completed opening a demo account. For the password, enter the password you set yourself when you entered the account opening form. After entering the above 3 points, you can log in.

start demo trading

You can actually start demo trading. Basically, you will use Metatrader, but exness, bigboss, fintrade, threetrader, etc. also have demo accounts. You can trade not only on your computer, but also on Android and iPhone. You can trade in the market without restrictions or restrictions under the same conditions as a real account. Even if you make a loss, you can put in your money again.

6 features of the demo account

Even though it is a demo account of a Forex company, each company has its own unique characteristics and ease of use differs. Here are six features of XM’s demo account. You can be satisfied because you can trade many types of financial products. Keep your MT4 and MT5 up to date on the web or smartphone app. The maximum leverage for currency pairs is 1000x.

Unlimited usage

The XM demo account has an unlimited lifespan. You can use it as long as you are trading a demo, but if you do not use it for 90 days, it will be automatically frozen and you will not be able to log in. If you want to use the demo account again, apply for a new demo account and a new demo account will be provided.

up to 5 accounts

XM allows you to open up to 5 demo accounts with one email address. If you want to have more than 5 accounts, use another email address and we will provide 5 new demo accounts.

Additional deposit

At XM, additional deposits to the demo account are requested through support. Along with the subject line, let the support know your demo account number and how much you would like to deposit.

Leverage change

Officially, XM does not allow members to change the leverage of their demo account. If you want to change the leverage, you will need to open a new demo account. Since XM has obtained multiple Financial Services Agency licenses, it has 1000x leverage and zero cuts.

account type

There are three types of XM demo accounts available: Standard account, KIWAMI Koku account, and Zero account. A major point is that micro accounts cannot be used. You can also check the guide. You can rest assured that you can decide the investment amount yourself.

Use of indicators

At the operating company, users can select and use EAs and indicators in demo accounts as well as real accounts. In addition to using the default indicators, you can also add EAs and indicators. If you have experience, you are probably used to it, so take advantage of our services. You will be able to trade very smoothly and make accurate entries.


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