XM Trading: Webinar Reputation and Reviews


XM has webinars where you can learn Forex online. It is recommended because you can get useful information for free from Forex beginners to intermediate users. If you watch all 18 times, you will be at a level where you can trade first, so you can rest assured. It’s a webinar, but let’s take a closer look at its reputation and see if there are benefits to participating.

About the webinar

Please refer to the following article for the webinar held at XM. It also includes information about the webinar and how to participate. Webinars are free to attend. An investor named Tatsushi Akimata is in charge of the lecturer.

Webinar Ratings and Reviews

See what people who have attended the webinar have to say about it. I’m looking at Twitter’s reputation. Basically, you will apply for the webinar from the Japanese version of XM. Perhaps for that reason, reviews from Japanese people are the main ones.

Free to watch

A big advantage of XM webinars is that you can participate without opening an account with XM. Furthermore, it is an advantage that there are many people who participate casually because it is free to participate.

Instructor evaluation

The webinar lecturer is explained by Mr. Ryuji Akimata, an investor. Perhaps because he is a fairly experienced investor, he seems to have a lot to learn.

can ask questions directly

As a webinar timetable, there is a question corner about trading. Time is allotted to the instructor to ask questions.

Material distribution

The webinar provides attendees with materials related to the lecture. It is a very kind service, and you can look back even after the lecture is over. Being able to review is great.

Recommended for beginners

The lecture content of the webinar is quite intensive, and it is often very informative for beginners. Furthermore, as mentioned above, there is also a question corner, so it will be a very good study opportunity.

You can’t participate without registering

Whether you have an XM account or not, you cannot participate in XM webinars unless you register each time. Because it is a troublesome system, that may be the bottleneck.

rich in content

The content of the webinar lectures seems to be very useful for beginners. As a matter of fact, if you look at the webinar schedule on XM, it’s pretty in-depth, so many of them are very useful for beginners.

trading method

The webinar will also include an explanation of trading methods. It will tell you exactly what kind of strategy you should use to fight.

Recommended than self-study

If you are self-taught, there is no one around you to teach you. However, webinars are very convenient because you can learn for free and you can ask questions on the spot.


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