XM Trading: How to unsubscribe/re-register for email newsletters


When you open an account with XM Trading, you will receive emails such as newsletters and email magazines issued by the management side one after another. Some people find it quite annoying, so I will explain how to stop the distribution and how to set up to receive the distribution again.

There is no configuration form on the official homepage

Some people may be surprised, but there is no screen on the official page of XM to select whether or not to send emails. The official page is designed so that users cannot set it. You can unsubscribe from the e-mail newsletter sent to your registered e-mail address. In addition to that, there are also daily and monthly emails that automatically deliver trading results. If these are also in the way, it is possible to stop delivery. I will introduce them one by one.

How to unsubscribe from emails

When you register an account with XM, you will be able to receive the newsletter. However, for those who are not interested, it is an unnecessary email. As for how to unsubscribe, there is a “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email you receive. It can be canceled by pressing this button. If you wish to unsubscribe, press “Do you want to unsubscribe?” written at the bottom of the screen and agree. The newsletter will now be unsubscribed.

Daily Confirmation

Daily Confirmation is one of the automatic delivery emails that deliver daily trading results as emails. If you have placed an order with us, you will always receive this email the next day. But every day would be really boring. If you really don’t need it, you can’t unlock it yourself. Please contact the XM support center.

Monthly Statement

A Monthly Statement is an e-mail containing the balance of transactions in one month. It will only arrive once a month, so it won’t be a hindrance, but if you don’t need it, please contact the support center as well. You cannot cancel the reception by yourself.

How to re-register for the e-mail newsletter

Next is the pattern of requesting redistribution of the e-mail magazine. There are many unnecessary newsletters that say emails from XM, but there are many patterns that say that useful information flows for traders. If you uncheck the newsletter delivery when opening an account, you will not be eligible for the newsletter delivery. If you wish to redistribute the e-mail magazine, you cannot set it by yourself. The only way to do this is to contact the support center. By sending a request e-mail, the e-mail magazine will be redistributed.


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