XMTrading: Do you understand overseas FX trading signal trends? Do you know how to win?


XM has trading signals that can only be used by those who have opened an account. The service is free of charge and provides trading signals based on the results analyzed by high-level professional traders. This signal is free to use, but can you really win with it?

Trading signals at XMTrading

The trading signals that can be used for free on XM are a service that collectively distributes the analysis results of orders for up to 10 types of currency pairs and predictions of future exchange rates. It has become a completely useful tool for trading. Members, please log in to check details. There are also ways to use the funds. There are also many other campaigns and bonuses.

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trading signals page

Trading signals are available on the XMTrading operating homepage. For the Japanese version, access it and click on “Trading Tools” → “Trading Signals”. Even new users can check the list of targets. You can browse the calculations, how to read, etc., check the contents, and then make a selection. Some investors use this to verify and increase their winning rates.

For the English version, click “Trading Tools” → “Trading Signals”. Officially, you can view signals by type category, combination, etc. You will acquire very useful knowledge such as volatility and range in a fluctuating market.

Below is the trading signals page. Analyzed and predicted trading signals are delivered twice a day and can be downloaded as a PDF file for use. You can download it from the download button. Since you can also see past trading signals, it can be used not only for future trading but also for past chart analysis and recording of trading results.

highly reliable

XM’s trading signals are supervised by the British Institute of Technical Analysts, a group of International Technical Analyst Associations. Avramis Despotis has analyzed it and has more than 20 years of experience and achievements, so it is quite reliable. This person is the CEO of Tradepedia, a company that educates traders. He seems to be an influential person who educates more than 500 seminars, 1500 online seminars, and 20,000 traders.

Twice a day trading signals

XM delivers trading signals twice a day, with the first stage set for a wake-up call. The delivery times for each morning call and afternoon call are as follows when converted to Japan time. There is normal time and daylight saving time.

Wake-up call (Japan time)
Summer Time:16:00~16:30
Normal time:17:00~17:30

Afternoon call (Japan time)
Summer Time:22:00~22:30
Normal time:23:00~23:30

how to use trading signals

Click the download button next to each currency pair to see the trading signals in action. Once downloaded, you can check the trading signals for the day in PDF. You can also check past trading signals using the calendar.

From the PDF, you can check the current price, rate of change, and even a chart that shows the transition of the rate. In addition, information useful for practical trading such as entry and settlement points is posted below the chart.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

trading signals report

The trading signal analysis method is “swing trade & price action analysis”. This method is a simple method to analyze the market situation only by the movement of 2 to 3 consecutive candlesticks. Advanced traders also use it, and it reflects market movements the fastest, so it is possible to make trading decisions early.

time frame

There are three types of trading signals: 60 minute, 4 hour and daily. If you want to get a big profit margin, you can refer to the daily trading signal, but you need to be careful about the position amount because the stop width is also wide.

Entry, take profit, stop loss levels

The trading signals report contains four points: an entry point, two take profit points and a stop loss point. The peculiarity of the trading signal is that it divides the profit settlement into two parts. Close 50% of the open position at the Take Profit 1 point and move the stop price to the open price. We aim to take profit 2, but since 50% are taking profit, we can eliminate the situation where there is no profit at all.

Trading signal information

Trading signals show trends, support and resistance, entry points, profit taking and loss taking settlement points. You can get an overview of each product, including the lowest price and highest price.

Notes on trading signals

There is also a caveat with trading signals. Please pay attention to the following points when trading.

not real time information

XM delivers trading signals twice a day. In other words, it may be up-to-date when it’s delivered, but a few hours later things may be completely different. Therefore, please note that it does not necessarily explain the situation at that time.

not always hit

No investment is 100%. Therefore, it is possible that this trading signal can have a completely opposite result. In other words, it is not guaranteed, so please use it carefully.


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