XMTrading: When can beginner traders start winning? Study method and period until you can earn money


We will explain how long it takes for a new person to become successful in FX investment, the period, and the study method. FX is an investment that anyone can start with a small amount in their spare time. Therefore, it is very popular among investment products, and many beginners try their hand at FX. However, the reality of FX is quite dire. In reality, this is a world where only about 10% of people can win. How many years have professional traders been practicing trading?

3 years to become a professional trader

It is said that it will take three years for a professional trader to be able to continuously issue a total plus for the year. This is the same reasoning, for example, that a beginner who wants to become a programmer cannot become a programmer in one day. To become a programmer, you have to learn programming languages, OS, and even databases.

The same goes for professional traders. There are many things that need to be trained, such as chart patterns and mental aspects. Here are some of the things you should train for:

chart pattern

To become a professional trader, you need to know thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of chart patterns. This is because the professional trader itself is a profession that must continue to predict the future. You have to memorize many chart patterns and predict the next move in advance. It takes several years to get to know different charts.

For beginner traders, this is the stage where they are building their own database by looking at charts. When you want to start, there are many cases where you lose more than you expected, and as a result, there is a high probability of quitting. Currently, I don’t have enough basic experience in the market, so even compared to experienced players who are winning, I still lack training. To make money, you need two things: experience and skill.

mental training

Professional traders are mentally stable. A novice trader may find that the chart moves in the direction he expected, but when he comes back halfway through, the blood rushes to his head and he trades a lot higher. This is proof that the maturity of the mental side is still lacking.

Professional traders are also mentally mature. Don’t get caught up in the movement of the chart in front of you, don’t get carried away by your emotions. At the very least, you have to improve to a level where immediate chart movements don’t make you emotional.

raise lots

Novice traders are very scared of raising lots. However, it is preferable to trade in lots commensurate with the principal. If the loss cut amount is 1% to 2% of the principal, the principal will not disappear.

Even if you are worried, if you get used to it, you will feel less reluctant to increase the lot, and you will also learn the tricks. You will not lose any assets as you continue. There is a lot of important information available on the internet, so take a look. There are many benefits.

time to win

Now think about how long it takes to win.

Since each trader has different funds, time available, knowledge, and level of seriousness, it is not possible to decide “how many years are best”. It’s not that easy to win in the industry. If you are unsure, it is a good idea to try operating the tool first using a demo account provided by the FX broker’s service. Let’s try scalping etc. to check the feeling and experience each one in the fluctuating market.

Recommended period setting is 3 years

Assuming that you spend 3 hours a day trading, it is recommended that you set the period to 3 years until you win. There are few people who start FX as a main business from the beginning.

I think it’s just a side job that I do in the middle of my main job. Therefore, the amount of time you can devote to trading in a day is limited. Therefore, it is better to set it longer.

3 years on stone

As the saying goes, 3 years on top of a stone, if you work with the intention of studying for 3 years, you will really be able to win. However, some people still feel that it is too long.

If you plan to spend three years and work hard every day, you will be able to win in less than three years. I have been doing FX so far and have such an impression.

How to be successful in forex

Currently, to be able to win with FX, it is neither too long nor too close to FX. Of course, in order to buy and sell successfully in the financial world, you will need comprehensive knowledge, but you will also need to have mental control in order to utilize the content. Practice day trading for at least a few months to a year. If you can produce good results, you will be able to control profit and loss efficiently. Let’s make repeated efforts and earn money so as not to lose a lot of money. It is important to identify trends to increase your winning rate.

number of trades

Trading is not hourly wages, and you can’t earn money only for the time you spend watching charts. No matter how hard you keep trading, there is no guarantee that you will get the money for it.

By reducing the number of trades, the chances of winning in Forex will increase. Because you won’t enter in a wasteful place.

mental control

After a few weeks of trading, you will realize how difficult it is to follow your own rules. Trading can also be stressful because there is always the possibility of losing money. Once you are able to control your mental state, you will become mentally stable. Even among individuals, there are housewives and active office workers who win and have high annual incomes. Some people introduce control methods on their blogs.


Trading with the support of fellow traders will reduce your stress level and help you improve your trading. By exchanging trade information, you can discover new FX trading strategies, and you will be able to continue winning even with just one fighting method. It will take at least a year to establish.

stop loss

The main reason why you can win in Forex is to follow the stop loss at all times. Following a stop loss allows you to focus on market analysis without worrying about big losses. It is better to continue in a way that does not affect your daily life.


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