Axiory: A thorough explanation of Axiory’s reviews, reputation, and safety Are overseas FX brokers dangerous?


We will thoroughly explain the reviews, reputation, and safety of traders using the overseas FX broker Axiory. Established in 2015, this broker is known for its narrow spreads, with leverage up to 400x. Recommended for scalping and day trading.

About Axiory company profile and basic information

Axiory is an overseas FX broker established by Axiory Global Ltd. in 2015. Axiory is headquartered in Belize and has established a corporation because it is a “tax haven”. We have obtained IFSC, a license from the Financial Services Agency of the Belize International Financial Services Commission, making it a very reliable and safe FX company. The official website is operated by PT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a group company based in the UK. The registered information is as follows. The good thing about narrow spreads is that it has many advantages in investing. It is a top-class exchange for investors.

Operating companyAxiory Global Ltd.
locationNo. 1 Corner of Hutson Street andMarine Parade Belize City, Belize
financial license IFSC:Belize International Financial Services Commission

Separate management/trust protection available

Axiory is very reliable as it has separate management and trust protection. Since the customer’s funds are stored at Doha Bank, there is no risk that the customer’s funds will be used without permission by the management. Trader’s account funds are protected in trust, and if Axiory goes bankrupt, the trader’s account funds will be refunded in full later by an auditing mechanism, so it is very transparent and safe. Users can rest assured that their funds will never stop, are protected, guaranteed and regulated, so they can start with peace of mind.

He also holds a financial license.

Axiory is very safe as it also holds a financial license. It is a very reliable broker that is regularly audited by an external agency. Even if you live overseas, you can trade without any disadvantages. If you wish in advance, you can also select the account type from My Page. You can rest assured that the management has been improved and regulations are in place. Every year, you can operate with stable funds almost from Monday to Friday.

There is a warning from the Japanese Financial Services Agency.

When I researched Axiory, I found that in Belize they have licenses from each Financial Services Agency, so I feel very safe, but in Japan they are not licensed and have received a warning from the Financial Services Agency. It is a violation of the law for an overseas FX broker to operate an official Japanese website or announce campaigns in Japanese, and has received a warning. However, users are free to use it at their own risk. Under Japanese law, solicitation cannot be made without permission.

Source : 金融庁

About the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of brokers

From here, we will explain the basic features of Axiory’s account, trading rules, depositing and withdrawing funds, so please refer to the summary below. Compared to other companies (FXPRO, ThreeTrader, GemForex, BigBoss, TitanFX, Tradeview, etc.), there are multiple real accounts available, and even new users can choose and start quickly, making it very fulfilling. Different optimal trades can be made accordingly. This is a broker that you can feel secure about once you get used to the style. It is said that the price range can be adjusted in the end, making it difficult to lose money.

Four types of account are available

Axiory has four categories of account types. The method is NDD, and most people start with a standard account, but nano and terra accounts for professionals are also available. Alpha accounts are also available exclusively for ETFs, and you can receive a wide variety of services. In addition to this, we also have a demo account, which is the same as the others, so even those with no knowledge are welcome. Currently, it fully meets the needs of users and there is no big disadvantage even for beginners.

maximum leverage4004004001
Trade Instrumentscurrency pair
precious metal
stock index
currency pair
precious metal
stock index
currency pair
precious metal
stock index
spot stock
transaction feesFreeOne way 3$One way 3$One way 1.5$
Average Spread1.2~1.4pips0.2~0.4pips0.2~0.4pips0.2~
lot unit100,000 currency100,000 currency100,000 currency1 currency
Minimum trading quantity0.01lots0.01lots0.01lots1lots
Maximum trading quantity1,000lots1,000lots1,000lots100,000lots
Max PositionUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Stop Level0.0pips0.0pips0.0pips0.0pips
Auto Trade
Margin Call50%50%50%50%
Loss Cut20%20%20%20%
Zero Cut×
Trade ToolMT4
Base CurrencyJPY
Minimum deposit amount5000500050005000

Number of products handled

Axiory has many products available. The drawback is that it does not handle virtual currency (Bitcoin), commodity futures, or CFDs, but it does have a wide selection of currency pairs, precious metals, energy, stocks, stock indexes, and even some ETFs. With the addition of 122 stocks and 69 ETFs to the Alpha account, there are quite a lot of stocks. We not only cover currency pairs (such as eurusd and usdjpy), but also major currencies, minor currencies, and even exotic currencies such as the Turkish lira and South African rand. A valuable broker.


Average spreads are among the narrowest in the industry

Axiory’s biggest strength is its average spread. Below is the average spread for a standard account, which is much narrower than other companies. If this becomes a Nano account or a Terra account, it will be even narrower, which is advantageous. Swap points will be generated when you trade across days. Transaction costs are one-way and round-trip for Nano and Terra accounts, but the cost is flat and low at $3. In addition, it is a highly recommended broker that excels in the short-term buying and selling market. Although the spread fluctuates, it is stable and is recommended for advanced players to get started.

Standard Account

There are 3 types of trading tools

Axiory has three already developed trading tools: MT4, MT5, and cTrader. The platform’s trading tools are of course compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and can be traded on either smartphone or PC. It can be downloaded and used from the official website for free. Standard account/Nano account can only be used with MT4 or cTrader, and Terra account can only be used with MT5. Using data for free, Japanese people can trade at a reasonable price. You can place orders on the chart with important specifications such as limit price and market. You can basically use the indicators comfortably with the app.

A strong support system

Of course, we also have a great support system. On business days, support is available by phone, email, and chat, and although responses vary, they are quick and have a good reputation among traders. In fact, it may be easy to get started. In conclusion, live chat can be done instantly from the form screen to the staff. These are functions that can be used by the general public as the responses are relatively quick. Currently, certain issues can be resolved through support. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns. Please also check the terms of use and policies. In the future, we will carefully respond to any problems or consultations you may have.

Response time
EmailReception 24 hours a day on weekdays (Japan time)
ChatWeekdays 10:30-23:30 (Japan time)

Zero cut is adopted

Axiory uses zero cuts in buying and selling. Therefore, there is no margin call for traders. In the unlikely event that it becomes negative, the FX broker will compensate. You can trade in a low-risk environment. Because the server is robust, there are no rejections (requotes), and there is almost no slippage. The level of lots is high, the maximum position is unlimited, and you can use plenty of assets as margin. Fund management decisions are largely at the discretion of the user. Of course, if a loss is about to occur, margin calls and stop-loss levels will be set and implemented.

Automatic trading and scalping trading are OK

At Axiory, the system allows automatic trading (EA), scalping trade, and even double-sided trading in the market. Compared to other FX brokers, the difference is that there are fewer prohibitions. The stop loss is automatically set to 0, so there are few restrictions, so there is no need to worry. Overall, the specs are good, so you can more than double your profits. Since the spread is narrow, the actual cost is unusually small and you can order large quantities. It is the only broker where there are few prohibitions such as account freezing, and it is easy to make positive profits and losses by placing orders without limits using high leverage and free methods and styles. It has charm.

Can use VPS

Axiory allows you to have your own VPS for free and sign up for it. Recommended as it is the cheapest contract available. If you apply to the desk and are approved, you can trade automatically. Accurate trades are often possible with minimal affiliation. If you are focusing on short-term trading, you have options as automatic trading is also possible. Although there is no compensation, you can earn profits with high leverage and satisfied trades. Leverage can be reduced to 300x or 200x.

About deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses

Next, we will explain about deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses. I will explain in detail how this method works. Please note that if the amount is less than 20,000 yen, a fee will be charged for deposits and withdrawals. You can trade from a minimum of 5000 yen. The speed is fast, but it takes a while for the money to arrive, whereas it can take up to 30 minutes to receive the money instantly, whereas with a bank it can take a few days. In other words, it is better to choose a credit card if possible.

About bonuses

Unfortunately, Axiory’s bonuses are not as luxurious and weak compared to other companies. Companies have mid-year bonus campaigns, New Year’s gifts, and even limited-time campaigns, but they are limited in time and held irregularly, so there are few promotions. However, the tradeoff is that the spread is very narrow. None of the campaigns have a cushion feature attached to the bonus.

About deposit and withdrawal methods

Axiory basically supports the following methods for payment of deposits and withdrawals. Please note that in order to prevent money laundering and theft of personal information, it is not possible for anyone other than the person in question to complete the procedure. This is important because there are strict rules such as logging in and making sure that the deposit and withdrawal methods and names match at least the same each month when moving. Apply to the customer and make deposits and withdrawals from financial institutions. I highly recommend it as it really goes smoothly.


This is a frequently asked question, but you can use sticpay, etc., but in the past, bitwallet unilaterally ended its business partnership with AXIORY, so you cannot use it selectively. As mentioned above, payment methods are currently changing, so be sure to check the news directly from time to time.

Maximum leverage is very high

The maximum leverage is very high, allowing you to trade at 400x each. Therefore, it is an environment where you can make transactions starting from a small amount even if your balance is small. However, please note that only alpha accounts are 1x, so you won’t be able to earn as much as a result, so be careful. Other companies have leverage of 1000x, but here the spread is narrow, so this is sufficient. Although it is low, it is recommended for use. It is effective from a small amount and you can trade cheaply depending on your purpose.

What do the actual reviews look like?

What do the actual reviews look like? We select reviews from posts on Traders Union, a major overseas review site, and quote actual user feedback. As you can see from the distribution of users, Africa is the main one. There tends to be a large number of users from Egypt, Japan, the Philippines, Turkey, South Africa, and Nigeria. There are both bad reviews that say it’s inconvenient due to losing, and high reviews that say it’s the best and promising, and good reviews. We provide information by picking up responses and impressions from major third parties that we research on the internet.

Source : TradersUnion

I chose Axiory because, along with transparent commissions, the broker does not limit your methods of trading. This is important for me, because an expert scalping advisor trades for me, which is unacceptable in most other companies. Another reason why it was not possible to work elsewhere is that the expert advisor is not included in the standard MT4 suite, but was developed by a third-party programmer. Only at Axiory was I able to connect my own robot to the terminal, so I don’t plan to look for another broker just yet.


bad broker. blew all my deposits. negligence towards potential traders! Fraudsters!


I have nothing to praise Axiory for. I have personally tested how this company works and was not satisfied. The trading platform often freezes and because of this I lose my money. You can’t trade like that.


I like it when a broker gives you the opportunity to choose a trading platform that is convenient for you. Axiory offers 3 terminals – MT4, MT5 and cTrader. I always trade from a standard account. This time, too, I did not experiment and opened Standard in MT4. Of course, before that I worked on a demo — I tested the speed and efficiency of several of my Expert Advisors. I can’t say anything special about spreads, because their values ​​are average on the market. For EUR/USD – 1.2-2 points, there are no additional commissions for currency pairs. Analytics regularly appear on the Axiory website, there is an economic calendar. All clients receive free access to the Autochartist system. You will not earn passive income with this broker.


Trading with Axiory is easy! I am quite satisfied that the broker has a fixed commission per lot because there is no risk of order execution on the news when the spread can widen to 5-6 points. If we take into account the almost guaranteed order execution at the best price and low spreads due to direct access to the market, then in the end we get optimal conditions for trading. Security is guaranteed by keeping money in third-party accounts of partner banks, and technical issues are promptly resolved by the online chat support service. From whichever side you look at Axiory, there are only pluses.


Another thing I like about Axiory is it was possible to increase the deposit several times in a month or two. Trading leverage of 1:500 is available here instead of the typical 1:100 leverage offered by most brokers. The availability of zero spreads when paying 10 units of the base currency of the account (EUR or USD) for a full lot, equates to high leverage and provides an excellent opportunity to earn money. I am an adequate person and I understand that with such levels of risk you can lose a lot, but I believe it’s for the best. Until my strategy failed, so did the broker. The disadvantage of Axiory is that its activities are not regulated by reputable supervisory authorities, but I still have no controversial questions.


Axiory honestly earns on commissions per trade and enables clients to also earn money. I recently became a client of the company, but I have already noticed the difference between my previous broker. Going to the market via ECN and transparent commissions allowed me to build a profitable intraday trading system. By the way, in the process of developing the TS, I repeatedly used information that I learned during training on the company’s website. There is a lot of useful information here, not only for beginners but also for experienced traders. In all respects, I appreciate Axiory.


Opening an account is free

It is possible to open an account for free. The process requires entering resident information (name, address, phone number, etc.) and documents for identity verification, and uploading a photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license. In addition, as address verification documents, there is no problem as long as you have a resident card, electricity, water, gas, etc. statements. The link below will take you to the official home page where you can apply. You can rest assured that this is a broker with a proven track record.


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