HFM (formerly HotForex): How to download, install and start trading MT4 and MT5


To start trading with HF Markets, you can only start trading using MT4 or MT5 trading tools. Therefore, you have to download and install these tools on your PC or smartphone.

First open an account

To start trading with HF Markets, you must first create an account. Please refer to the article below to open an account.

What is MT4?

MT4 is a free Forex trading tool developed by MetaQuotes Software. Used by millions of traders worldwide. MT4 has the characteristics of a dedicated tool for automatic trading, an indicator function, and excellent customizability. The downside is that it’s already been upgraded. In other words, it is an old tool and I think it will be superseded by MT5 in the future.

What is MT5?

MT5 is a trading platform for FX, exchange products, and futures released by MetaQuotes in 2010 as the successor to MT4. MT5 has better functions than MT4, and MT5 will definitely become mainstream in the future. The feature is that it has MetaEditor 5 that can be used for indicator development and debugging. However, MT4 and MT5 are not compatible, so even if you can use it with MT4, you may not be able to use it with MT5.

How to download and install MT4 and MT5

You can download MT4 and MT5 on HF Markets My Page. First, go to My Page. If you click “Platform” from the menu on the left side of the screen, MT4 and MT5 will appear. Please select one and download it.

Terminal will be the PC version. Not only that, but it’s available for PC, iPad, iPhone and even Android. Choose the one you like and click it. Web Terminal does not require any download and allows you to trade on your browser.

Since the download destination is specified for each, please click to download。

For the PC version, the download will start. The setup screen will start up, so click “Next” at the bottom right. When the installation is completed, the following completion screen will be displayed, so press the “Finish” button at the bottom right.

How to log in

To log in to MT4 or MT5, prepare an email for opening a live trading account. You should have received an email like the one below. If you don’t have this, please contact our support center.

You will need the above “account number”, “password” and “server name”. You will need to enter this information when logging in.

For PC version

For the PC version, you can log in by launching, selecting a server, selecting an existing account, and entering your login ID and password.

For smartphone version

For the smartphone version, first download MT4 and MT5, and the app will appear, so tap it. When you open the app, the screen labeled “quote price” will be displayed as shown above, and a list of each FX stock will appear. When you click Account Management, there is a “+” button, so tap it.

Add a server. Since it will switch to the “New account” screen, click “Log in to an existing account” above. Use the search box. If you enter “HFM” in the search box, the server will appear, so please select the appropriate server.

After adding, the login screen will appear, so enter your ID and password to complete.

Trading method

The ordering method is different for the PC version and the smartphone version.

For PC version

Select “New Order” from the “Tools” menu. Click “Sell Market” or “Buy Market” to complete the placement of the order.

Instruments: Select a trading instrument (currency pair).

Type: Select “Countdown Order” for Market. If you select “Limit order”, a new limit/stop order will be placed.

Transaction volume: Specify by the number of lots.

Stoploss: Specifies the price of the stop loss order.

Take Profit: Specifies the price of the Take Profit order.

For smartphone version

In the case of the smartphone version, after selecting the currency pair you want to place a limit order on the quote price screen, when you display the chart, there is a “+” button at the top right of the chart, so clicking this will display the following screen. increase. The order will be completed with the Sell or Buy button.

Number in the upper red frame: Specify the lot here.

Stoploss: Specifies the price of the stop loss order.

Take Profit: Specifies the price of the Take Profit order.

Notes on MT4 and MT5

There are some things to keep in mind when using MT4 and MT5:

Are there any benefits to introducing MetaTrader?

MetaTrader becomes the most used trading tool in the world. Therefore, if you can master this tool, you will be able to easily trade with other FX brokers, so we recommend that you keep this in mind.

Is MT4 recommended?

MT4 has already finished development. The developer, MetaQuotes, is focusing on MT5, so from now on, the main focus will be on expanding the functionality of MT5. Please note that from now on, even if a problem occurs with MT4, it may not be fixed.

Which one is suitable for automatic trading?

MT4 is more suitable for automatic trading. Due to its long history, many automatic trading tools can be used with MT4. Therefore, MT5 is still in its infancy.

Can I use it without downloading?

MetaTrader is available for browsers, so you can use the service without downloading. However, most users use the smartphone version. HFM also has a web trader, so you can trade there as well.

Is there a problem?

This is true for both tools developed by MetaQuotes, but in rare cases, characters may be garbled. This phenomenon is especially likely to occur if your main language is Chinese, so be careful.


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