HFM (formerly HotForex): Is there a withdrawal refusal in FX? Reasons for not being able to withdraw money and solutions FAQ How to deal with it


If you have actually traded on HF Markets and made a profit, you will probably want to withdraw. However, has HF Markets ever rejected withdrawals in the past? As a trader, I would be very concerned. We also have a solution for when you can’t withdraw.

Does HFM have a withdrawal refusal?

So far, no withdrawals have been refused. It is safe as there is no malicious withdrawal refusal on the HF Markets side. HF Markets, founded in 2010, is a fairly well-known FX company worldwide and is known as an excellent company. Also, there are people who sometimes make noise on Twitter etc., but in many cases they do not follow the withdrawal rules. HF Markets itself is licensed in countries such as South Africa and Dubai, and has a solid insurance system, so even first-time users can trust it.

Many deposit and withdrawal methods

There are many deposit and withdrawal methods. We also accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and virtual currency (Bitcoin). You can also use bitpay and online wallets, which is quite convenient. The minimum deposit is only $5, so the price is very low and you can trade.

High maximum leverage

HFM has a maximum leverage of 2000x. Among overseas FX companies, their prices are quite high compared to other FX companies such as XM, gemforex, traderstrust, titanfx, fxgt, iforex, axiory, and exness. You can hold positions and make many settings. There is also a forced stop-out. Furthermore, when it comes to 100% loss, zero cut is adopted, which is a huge advantage. There are account types with narrow pips width. A calculation tool is available on the official website.

Prohibited matter

As will be explained later, if you violate any of the prohibited items, your withdrawal will be refused. Trades aimed at economic indicators and abuse of both sides are examples of this. Please be careful to check the terms of use and methods. Penalties and troubles are inevitable if you do not comply with lot restrictions and terms. Scalping and automated trading (EA) tools are permitted. Basically, avoid troubles to protect your assets.

Platform is MT

Trading platforms include MT4 and MT5. There is also a web trader with its own platform. At least be able to use MT5. MetaQuotes is putting the most effort into developing it. It can be downloaded for free from the official website, and you can also trade virtual currencies. There are also plenty of bonuses, campaigns, and points. There is also a cushion system, so you can rest assured.

Reasons and solutions when you cannot withdraw

If you are unable to withdraw, the causes and solutions are summarized below, so please refer to them if you have any problems. Also, check the article below for how to withdraw.

Also, if you cannot solve the problem, please contact the support center. By contacting the support center, the staff will respond politely.

Malicious act

In the past, HF Markets has taken measures such as freezing accounts for users who illegally obtain bonuses, intentionally overload the server, or repeat malicious acts. We have stopped providing bonuses to specific traders in the past. In this case, the withdrawal may be refused.

Withdrawal rules

HF Markets has a rule that withdraws up to the deposit amount using the same method and withdrawing profits using other methods. Therefore, you must withdraw using the same method you used to deposit. If you break this, the withdrawal will be refused, so be careful.

No destination bank

For bank transfers, you cannot withdraw to a bank that is not on the bank name list. HF Markets is structured so that withdrawals can only be made to designated banks. Therefore, if you don’t have a bank to withdraw from, you have no choice but to withdraw money using other withdrawal methods.

Nominee discrepancies

When withdrawing money, it is necessary to match the name of the registered information. Of course, since you have submitted your ID, there are often no discrepancies, but if you try to transfer money to someone else’s bank account, it will definitely be refused.

Wrong payment destination information

If you make a mistake with the withdrawal destination, it is natural, but the withdrawal cannot be processed. Withdrawals may take longer than usual. If you make a mistake, support may ask you to prove that you own the wallet.

Effects of weekends and holidays

In the case of bank transfer, it depends on the business day of the bank. Please note that Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are particularly affected by this. In addition, the year-end and New Year holidays and Christmas are also affected, so if you want to withdraw quickly, please select another withdrawal method.

bonus withdrawal

This is a bonus, but the bonus partly disappears when you withdraw. The bonus is given as a percentage of the deposit balance and cannot be withdrawn. Please note that bonuses can only be used in trades.

Christmas, New Year holidays

During Christmas and New Year’s holidays, HFM’s business days and hours are quite irregular. Therefore, it is not possible to say with certainty whether or not we will be able to respond every day. Every year around this time, the HFM official page announces the opening schedule, so be sure to check it out. Withdrawals stop on holidays.

For Japanese users

For Japanese users, there are big events such as Obon and Golden Week. During this period, there are cases where the Japanese staff are on vacation, and there are cases where the support center responds in awkward Japanese. If you are concerned about this, please be aware that you will need to contact us at a later time.


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