Land-FX: Land Prime additional account opening method and fund transfer step-by-step explanation with images


Land-FX (Land Prime) allows you to operate multiple accounts, so we will introduce the steps on how to open a trading account. You can have up to 5 accounts within one account, so let’s give it a try. Operating multiple accounts is advantageous because it allows you to trade with multiple account types.

How to add an account and the procedure

To add an account, first complete account registration on the official website. Please refer to the article below if necessary. You can trade with MT4 or MT5, and there are no fees for opening an account. After applying and validating, a Live account number will be issued and you will be able to make transactions with a click. The base currencies are USD and JPY. A campaign is currently underway, and a bonus will be added to your investment margin, allowing you to hold many positions.

Enter personal information

Select a real account or a demo account and fill out the personal information form first. This includes your name, surname, date, postal code, address (prefecture, city, town, village, street number, building), phone number, gender, and even email and password settings. Half-width alphanumeric characters are required for each entry. Based on this input information, the next authentication process will be performed. Please enter the latest information.

Authentication work with ID card

Based on the input information, authentication will be performed by uploading the operating company ID. Identification documents include a passport, driver’s license, and My Number card. Address confirmation documents can basically be phone bills, utility bills, or even a resident card. You will authenticate on a weekday, which is a business day, and once the procedure is completed, you will receive detailed information on My Page, and you will be able to use the service for the first time.

Add account

Once you have completed account registration, please log in first. There is a button for adding additional accounts on the home screen, so do it from here. If you do so, you can open an account by selecting the account type, base currency, platform, and even when to open it. You will receive an approval email within 1 to 2 business days, and the setup will be complete. Please be sure to check your email, as your password is only provided in your email.

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If you want to change your password or have forgotten your password, you can do so from the user page. You can change your password by logging into your user page and selecting “My Account” → “Change Password”.

There are many ways to deposit

There are many ways to deposit. We accept credit cards, bank transfers, stickpay, etc. You can trade by putting assets into your account number. We handle precious metals, energy, stock indexes, and foreign exchange, and our servers are stable. We also have a license from the Financial Services Agency, so there are no safety issues. There are also many indicators. We also have limited time campaigns.

There are 2 types of withdrawal methods

There are usually only two types of latest withdrawal methods: bank transfer and Sticpay. Make regular withdrawals once your final profit has increased. Existing transaction history can be downloaded and used as a certificate, so we recommend checking it for personal tax preparation. The management actually provides tools for the MT trading environment, which can be installed and downloaded for free. Many types of trading are allowed, including automatic trading and scalping.

How can I transfer funds?

If you operate multiple accounts, you may need to transfer funds. Please note that only cash can be transferred and bonuses are not eligible for transfer. If you transfer any part of your funds, your bonus will be lost. Log in to the user page and select “Funds Transfer” on the right side of the menu. You can transfer by specifying the source account and destination and entering the amount. The transferred funds will be automatically reflected in your account in about 1 minute.

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