Land-FX: Land FX deposit method and bonus reflection time, fee explanation


Once you open an account with Land-FX (Land Prime), you will receive deposits and bonuses, so we will explain the procedures and methods for trading, such as fees and reflection time. This broker accepts credit cards, online wallets, and even bank transfers, so it supports a variety of deposit methods.

Payment method

Land-FX supports the following deposit methods, so we have listed them below. There are no deposit fees, but please note that each service may charge a fee. If nothing is reflected after 1 or 2 hours of depositing, please contact support with the information. There are no handling charges.

Deposit feeMinimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amountDeposit reflection timeSupported currencies
Credit/Debit Card0¥ 10,0001 million yenAbout a few hoursUSD,EUR,JPY
STICPAY0¥ 5005 million yenImmediatelyUSD,EUR,JPY
Bank Transfer0¥ 50,000Without limitAbout a few hoursJPY, USD,EUR,JPY,CHF
Bitcoin0¥ 10,0001 million yenAbout a few hoursBTC
Tether0¥ 10,000Without limitAbout a few hoursUSDT

credit/debit card

Credit card payment is supported by VISA card. Select your account, currency and deposit amount. Please note that we do not accept JCB, MasterCard, or even American Express. Use the screen as a reference and click on it.

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Complete by entering your credit card number, expiration date, and CVC.

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bank transfer

If your bank does not support transfers outside of business hours, the funds will arrive in your trading account on the next business day. In the case of bank transfer, by selecting bank transfer, the transfer destination will be presented, so please make the payment to the specified bank. Please note that the transfer name should be the MT4 or MT5 account number + the person’s name. If you forget this, you will not know who made the transfer and the payment process will stop. If you have forgotten it, please contact the support center.


For STICPAY, account registration is required in advance. Select the account number to deposit money into and enter the deposit amount. You can deposit STICPAY starting from $5. Please log in to STICPAY and make the payment.

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It is highly recommended because you can deposit small amounts and the deposit speed is immediate and fastest. Furthermore, in the case of STICPAY, you can also deposit money via Mastercard via STICPAY.

virtual currency

For virtual currencies (such as Bitcoin), a QR code or address is usually displayed on the official website. The QR code and wallet address will be displayed, so send money from the sender. You can conveniently send money by pasting it on the exchange you are sending money to. The details of the reflection time depend on the transaction.

In the case of virtual currency (BTC), please make sure to copy the latest address and paste it into the remittance source without making any mistakes. If you enter the wrong address, there is a high probability that you will lose the remittance amount. Additionally, there are cases where transaction processing issues can take several hours or more.

Deposit rules

Land-FX has some separate rules when making deposits, so if you do not follow them, you may be subject to penalties. Please note that you will need your password at the end, so be careful when using it. Basically, it is explained in the terms of use on the site map page, so be sure to read it carefully before using it.

Same method for deposits and withdrawals

Please use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. This is to prevent money laundering. Make sure to think about withdrawals before making a deposit. This mechanism is the same for other companies such as fxpro, titanfx, threetrader, xm, bigboss, exness, axiory, and gemforex.

Deposit below the minimum deposit amount

Each deposit method has a minimum deposit amount. You can deposit less than the minimum deposit amount, but you will have to pay a deposit fee.

Deposit using the same name as the account

When making a deposit, please use the same name as the FX account. Even if you make a deposit using a credit card in the name of a family member or company, the Forex company will refuse the payment. This provides a safeguard against money laundering.

Withdrawal when less than the specified trading volume

A fee will be charged if you withdraw money without making the specified amount of transactions for the deposited amount. If you want to reduce fees even a little, you must also pay attention to your trading volume. Make sure to keep an eye on your balance status on the platform. Basically, you will be trading on weekdays, so it may be better to withdraw on Saturdays and Sundays. Please be careful if you have multiple accounts.


deposit bonus

Land-FX has been offering Restart LP bonuses and 10% deposit cashback campaigns since 2021, but these have now been suspended.

Frequently asked questions about deposit methods

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding deposit methods.

Credit card that cannot be deposited

Land-FX allows you to pay by credit card, but only VISA cards are accepted. Other cards are not eligible.

Unable to deposit card

You may not be able to make a deposit using a credit card. This may exceed your card’s spending limit. Also, please be aware that your credit card company may have declined your request. In this case, please contact your credit card company and ask them to unlock your card.

Card expiration date

Please check the expiry date when making a deposit with your credit card. Check the expiry date of your physical credit card.

Difference between holders

Regardless of the deposit method, if the name of the holder is different, the deposit cannot be made. The only prerequisite is that you are the person in question.

Virtual currency deposit

A common mistake when depositing virtual currency is an incorrect address. Please make sure the wallet address is correct. If you make a mistake, you could lose that amount. Please check your virtual currency wallet balance as it may be insufficient.

STICPAY deposit

If you are making a STICPAY deposit, please check that your wallet balance may be insufficient.


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