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We will thoroughly explain all of Land-FX’s account types, account opening, spreads, the possibility of withdrawal refusal, as well as the company’s safety, reputation, and reviews. This is an FX broker where you can trade with unlimited leverage. Land-FX has traders all over the world, and many traders, including Japanese, open accounts and trade. What features does Land-FX have?

Land-FX Company Information

Land-FX is an FX broker established in 2013 by the operating company Land Prime Ltd. It has been in operation for over 10 years, so it can be said that it is a fairly old broker. The narrow spreads and high execution power are the biggest attractions, and there are traders from all over the world. The official website is complete, and in fact, it is more famous than other FX brokers in Japan, and like XM, Axiory, IForex, BigBoss, TitanFX, etc., it has a good reputation from users for its support and service structure. It is a highly rated broker with a high level of safety.

Operation CompanyLand Prime Ltd.
LicenseSVG FSA

financial license

Land-FX is licensed by the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Authority. Therefore, it is a regulated company, so you can trade with confidence. Since Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a tax haven country, it is likely that the company has obtained a license there in order to save on taxes. Land Prime Ltd. was previously registered with New Zealand’s FINANCLAL SERVICE PROVIDERS, but was deregistered in 2017.

Separate management

According to our research, Land-FX offers separate management. You can rest assured that there is no possibility in the past or present that a customer’s funds will be used without permission for the company’s funds. Please note that there is no trust protection, so this is a bad evaluation. The reason is that if the company goes bankrupt, traders’ funds are not guaranteed.

account type

There are three account types. Standard accounts are the most popular account type, but ECN accounts are also available for professionals. We also have swap-free accounts that do not have swap points. Please note that standard accounts have bonuses, but other accounts do not. On the other hand, ECN accounts have extremely narrow spreads, so they are recommended for short-term traders.

StandardSwap FreeECN
Max LeverageUnlimitedUnlimited1,000
Lots100,000 currency100,000 currency100,000 currency
Min Lots0.010.010.01
Max Lots303030
Max Position100100100
Auto Trade
Margin Call30%30%50%
Loss Cut0%0%30%
Zero Cut
Trade ToolMT4
Base CurrencyJPY
Min Deposit10$10$500$

An ECN account is recommended for those who have a lot of required assets and can make a lot of profits by making many lots. As mentioned above, the spread is very narrow, so it’s a good deal. You can trade with a minimum capital of $10 or $500, respectively. Swap-free and ECN accounts have high specifications, but you can only trade exchange rates and precious metals in the market. A standard account allows you to trade stock indexes and energy, so you have more options. Please avoid violating prohibited matters such as malicious double trading and arbitrage.

Features of Land-FX

Land-FX has the following features. It is also possible to use automatic trading tools (EA), and there are fewer restrictions on the content than at Japanese domestic FX companies. Currently, the leverage setting is high, and you can use a large amount of investment to trade other currencies such as dollar yen, euro dollar, pound dollar, etc. However, be sure to strictly abide by the terms of use. There are penalties depending on the situation. Trade to limit losses.

There are prohibitions

There are some prohibited items, so users should follow the rules. Both trading, scalping, and automatic trading can be used. However, certain trades that put a load on the server, abuse bonuses, trade to open windows, and target delay rates are prohibited. In the worst case, your account may be frozen. There is nothing you can do about it, so if even some of the information is true, please consult the support page as soon as possible.

narrow spread

A feature of Land-FX is that the ECN account has a narrow average spread, so it is a dedicated account that is ideal for short-term investments. This is a highly recommended broker for short-term traders and those who are good at scalping trading. It uses a variable spread standard and the pips range is very low. Economic indicators can be very dangerous, so be careful when timing them.

Unlimited maximum leverage

A feature of Land-FX is that standard accounts and swap-free accounts have virtually unlimited leverage. It supports unlimited high leverage, the highest level in the industry, so even traders with little capital can quickly earn more than their competitors. However, if a user tries to make a large profit, the possibility of a 100% loss increases.

large number of foreign exchange

Land-FX, a major FX broker, handles 67 foreign exchange stocks, and has a top-class variety of currencies, including not only major currencies, but also minor currencies and even exotic currency pairs. Currently, only virtual currencies can be traded. The main focus is on currency pairs. Of course, each account can be added to the system for different purposes at your own discretion, so it is recommended. If you earn profits, you must file a tax return.

MT4 and MT5

Land-FX’s trading platform tools can be selected from MT4 or MT5 for each of three types of accounts. It has both of the world’s most major trading tools, making it a very easy trading environment for traders. The base currency is USD or JPY.

There is a bonus

Land-FX does not offer any account opening bonus. However, there is an official deposit bonus, so if you have a standard account or swap-free account, you can receive the full amount of the bonus immediately. There are relatively many options for depositing, such as credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and SticPay. Bank transfers take a little longer to arrive. Promotions and campaigns are also held irregularly, so keep an eye out for announcements.

There is slippage

Land-FX has unstable spreads and slippage may occur frequently. This trend is seen during the London and New York market hours, when traders are concentrated. It is said that the server is weak, and this phenomenon tends to occur.

Zero cut applied

Zero cut is applied to Land-FX. Therefore, even if the funds in the trading account become negative, the company will bear the burden, so there is no risk of the trader chasing debts. If your balance becomes low, you will receive a margin call warning, so think about whether to cut your losses on your positions. After that, if the loss cut or margin becomes negative, a zero cut will be applied, so there will be no margin call. Also, the servers are running safely without any downtime.

Reviews and reputation

We have collected reviews and reputation of Land-FX. We collect reviews from TradersUnion, a review site for FX brokers around the world. Over 90% of Land-FX’s registered users are Japanese. We also have many traders in the Philippines, England, Australia, America, Indonesia, etc.

Source : TradersUnion

Land-Fx is a company that does not allow you to earn. I will not list all its shortcomings, but if you are prevented from trading, you should not waste your time. It’s 100% kitchen!

Source : TradersUnion

At Land-Fx spreads are larger than other brokers and trading is not stable. Those who traded here will understand what I’m talking about. Traders trade within the company with each other; no one brings transactions to the interbank market here.

Source : TradersUnion

Land-Fx are bad trading conditions, not beneficial for the trader, but beneficial for the broker. specially compared. This is probably for beginners. I wouldn’t invest in a company like this to be honest. In short, a scammer.

Source : TradersUnion

An advisor worked for me on the Land-Fx trading account. In the company’s regulations, I did not find any restrictions on working with advisors. But after I doubled my balance and applied for a withdrawal, my account was blocked due to the use of third-party programs. Now I understand, I hope that everything will be resolved. But the situation is unpleasant.

Source : TradersUnion

Scalping with eerie restrictions. If you look at it, there is no scalping here. It seems to be allowed, but in fact, complete garbage. They told me to open an account through Exness and not bother, but it seemed to me that landfx is a good company for scalping. Alas, I turned out to be wrong

Source : TradersUnion

The technical part of LandFX suffers a lot. Disable tuff frames on the chart. At first I thought that this was a problem with the script, but a familiar techie looked and it turned out that the matter was in the broker itself. And there are a lot of such shortcomings. It seems that they do not play a special role individually, but you start to dig deeper and understand that in general it is simply impossible to work, everywhere they put some kind of footrests

Source : TradersUnion

Land-Fx has recently been working in the field of brokerage services. But the conditions are not bad. So I thought at first. There are plenty of trading instruments, but the spreads were clearly higher than the stated ones. On a standard account, the spread was rarely less than 2.5 pips. There are slippages, although not so much. I do not recommend such a broker, especially for scalpers.

Source : TradersUnion

The support service at Land-Fx does not work at all. I wrote to them about the problem. They gave me an answer only after a week, they said that there were no problems at all. This is the speed of responses to customer requests and the quality of service.

Source : TradersUnion

You can open an account for free

Land-FX allows you to open an account for free. There is no risk at all, so if you are interested, please open an account. Normally, you will be required to enter personal information, submit and upload proof of identification (passport, My Number Card, driver’s license) and address confirmation documents (resident card, utility bill). Please note that registration may not be possible depending on your nationality, base of residence, or region. Please make sure to enter it correctly.

Language switching can be done from the top right of the screen. You can rest assured that it covers most of the world’s languages. Even if you register on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, documents will only be checked during business hours on weekdays. Worst case is that it takes a long time to issue a login ID. If you have any concerns about the review or description, please contact support. We respond to inquiries via email and live chat in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but telephone inquiries are not covered.

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