Land-FX: Thorough explanation of dormant accounts, withdrawal method (cancellation), and re-registration opening


We will explain the procedures for Land-FX account cancellation (withdrawal), re-registration (opening), and dormant accounts. I will explain the procedure, but there are some things to keep in mind, so it is better to check them before canceling. It is also possible to re-register.

Land-FX dormant accounts and their handling

First of all, a dormant account refers to an account that has been abandoned for a long time. Please note that if your balance is less than 1,000 yen and there are no transactions for more than a month, your account will be temporarily disabled. Once the account is invalidated, you will no longer be able to make deposits or withdrawals, as well as trading. However, a deactivated account can be reused by contacting the support center. Dormant does not charge account maintenance fees.

About Land-FX account cancellation and its conditions

In the first place, there is no withdrawal procedure screen on the Land-FX user operation screen. As a result, users are no longer able to unsubscribe on their own. Therefore, you will need to contact the support center and cancel your membership. There are no account maintenance fees, so some people leave it alone, but it’s probably better to cancel it. Please check the following points before canceling your account. Withdrawal will be completed within a few days.

account balance

Please set the account balance to zero. In the first place, if there is a balance, you cannot cancel the contract at all, so the management will point it out to you. Even if you log in, please do not add anything from the funds page and withdraw all your invested funds without leaving any part behind.

Position settlement

When you have a position in foreign exchange or index, be sure to settle using MT. Please settle this later, whether it is a loss cut or a profit. After that, please make sure to complete the withdrawal. From my experience, there is a possibility of forgetting to make a payment when using automatic trading, so be sure to prepare for withdrawals in advance.

For demo account

Demo accounts will be automatically deleted if left unused for one month. Therefore, there is no need to cancel your membership. Even if multiple options are provided, it is OK to leave them as is. If you wish to use it, you can apply again. If you forget your password, you can set it up again.

Is it possible to re-register an account on Land-FX?

The operating company also accepts re-registration. However, all history will be deleted and everything will be re-registered, so investors will have the same information, but they will need to enter new information and submit new identification documents. Please also check the terms of use in advance. Tools such as MT can be used in the same way on the official website. We also have a financial license, so there are no issues with safety or reliability.


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