XMTrading:Leverage regulations and limits 20,000 dollars (2 million yen) and 100,000 dollars (10 million yen) maximum 1000x cancellation change explanation


XM has maximum leverage regulations for FX trading, with a limit of 1000x and 200x. The article explains how to remove it. Did you know that in XM trading, leverage is automatically regulated when the balance exceeds a certain level? This restriction occurs for a certain amount of money. This regulation is activated when the total balance of all accounts reaches a certain amount.

Features of XMTrading

Currently, XMTrading is a popular overseas FX broker. Standard and micro accounts have bonuses and campaigns, and there are many stocks. You can also change the leverage on the official website, such as 1000x, 500x, 400x, 200x, 100x, 50x, 25x, etc. High leverage trading is effective and possible. It will fluctuate depending on the lot, which is expensive compared to others. An overview is introduced on some of the management pages, and there is also an FAQ.

There is also a loss cut

XMTrading has an advantage in that the loss cut level is set by account type, and when an unrealized loss occurs, a margin call, loss cut, and zero cut are adopted at each timing. Risk is contained. If you have unrealized gains or profits, you can pull it as far as you want. There is no margin call.

The product is very large

We handle a wide variety of products, including spot and futures. There are various stocks such as CFD, virtual currency (Bitcoin), foreign exchange (major, minor, exotic), precious metals, energy, stock indexes, etc., although fees apply. Swap points will be generated when you trade across days.

Leverage limit

Most cases where leverage is regulated or restricted are due to account balances. XM imposes leverage limits as your account balance increases. Leverage regulation comes into play when the following conditions are met: There is no prior contact from the XM side, and if the total amount exceeds the upper limit, the leverage will be changed automatically.

account balanceMaximum leverage
Less than $20,000 (about 2 million yen)1,000 times
$20,000 (about 2 million yen) or more200 times
$100,000 (about 10 million yen) or more100 times

If you want to take advantage of 1000 times leverage, which is one of XM’s attractions, you need to adjust your account balance to less than $20,000 (about 2 million yen).

Leverage limit by total margin amount

XM can have multiple accounts and can open up to 8 accounts. You can also transfer funds between accounts at your own discretion, but as a rule of XM, “leverage changes depending on the total margin amount”.

Leverage changes also apply to held positions

Leverage changes will also be applied to open positions. This may result in forced loss cuts.

Manual change of leverage

It seems that the leverage limit is not done automatically, but when the balance exceeds a certain amount, the department in charge judges and limits it manually. Since it is decided at the discretion of the person in charge, the judgment criteria are also up to the person in charge.

Leverage limit even during events

There are other leverage restrictions as well. For example, leverage limits may apply when there is an election or referendum. When Switzerland stopped intervening in the foreign exchange market, the FX company’s risk management was reviewed, and when there was the issue of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, the company lowered its leverage.

How to remove the leverage limit

In order to restore the leverage, you have to withdraw once, make the balance $ 20,000 (about 2 million yen), and contact support to request a change in leverage. I used to be able to easily change the leverage of my account from my page, but now I can’t. Please refer to the following article for contacting the support center.

Leverage calculation method

XM’s leverage calculation method is as follows.

Leverage = trading volume x currency price ÷ account balance

How to check and change leverage

At XM, you can check and change your leverage in 3 steps. After logging in, you can change it by opening My Account and pressing the pencil mark next to your trading account’s leverage. However, if the balance is too large as described above, it is manually regulated by XM, so you need to contact the support center.


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