XMTrading: What is a tax identification number? Do I need a My Number card for FX when opening an account?


XM Trading is one of the world’s most popular Forex companies. When you open a real account, you may be asked for your taxpayer number, but what exactly does this refer to? It summarizes the meaning of the taxpayer number and the documents to be submitted along with it.

What is a taxpayer number?

The taxpayer number is a taxpayer management system. This system has been introduced in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, France, etc. A unique number is assigned to citizens who have reached the tax payment age, and it is a number to manage the status of tax payment. Linking bank accounts and taxpayer numbers is obligatory and administrative systems have been digitized, allowing the tax bureau to quickly confirm the status of tax payments.

Why is a tax identification number required?

The reason why XM Trading asks for a taxpayer number is because we want to confirm “whether you are from a country where forex trading is allowed”. This is because there is a reason that only US domestic Forex companies can be used in the United States. Therefore, all citizens residing in the United States are not allowed to use foreign Forex companies. Even in Europe, financial regulations for general investors are spreading and regulations are becoming stronger. In fact, there are countries that cannot be registered with XM. Since XM has three companies, the nationalities that can be registered are different for each company. Please refer to the article below.

About input field of taxpayer number

When opening an XMTrading account, you will be required to enter your tax identification number. Please refer to the article below regarding account opening. Overseas FX brokers provide categories as items on the screen, and traders are required to enter them. There is no need to upload any information on the official website.

number for American citizens

The tax identification number that appears when you first create a member profile for your account is for U.S. citizens and does not apply to people from other countries. If a user selects “Yes” in the U.S. citizen field, they will be asked for their tax identification number. If not, of course there is no need to provide information, so select “No” and proceed to the next step.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

Is it necessary to submit a tax identification number?

When you open a real XM account and proceed to account activation (submit required documents), you will be required to submit identification and address verification documents. At that time, utility bills, resident card, driver’s license, and My Number Card (Japan) are required as ID and address confirmation documents, but do I have to submit my tax identification number (USA) to XM?


In fact, XM does not require submission of My Number or taxpayer number, it is optional. Operating under a Cyprus financial license, the global version of XM requires submission of a tax identification number. However, XM Trading operates in the Seychelles. The Seychelles Monetary Authority, which manages the financial business in the Seychelles, does not require submission of a tax identification number. Therefore, users are not required to submit My Number or taxpayer number.

If you do not submit

Are there any penalties if I do not submit my number or taxpayer number? In conclusion, no. Acceptable forms of identification include a passport, proof of residency, and even a driver’s license. There is no need to worry about being audited by the tax office due to non-submission. Please rest assured that there are no advantages or disadvantages to submit.

You can use your Individual Number as your ID

My number card in Japan can be authenticated by submitting it as an identification card. Since the My Number Card has a comprehensive description of your face photo, name, date of birth, address, etc., it can be submitted as an identification card or as an address confirmation document. However, if the My Number Card is used as an ID, it cannot be used as an address verification document. Also, if you do not use the My Number Card within the expiration date, the authentication will be refused, so be careful.

My number notification card

In Japan, there is also a My Number notification card. The Individual Number Notification Card can be used as an address confirmation document. But I can’t use it as an ID. The My Number notification card does not have a face photo, so it cannot be used as an identification card.


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