Exness: Creating additional accounts How to open multiple accounts Explanation of precautions


Exness allows you to open multiple MT4 and 5 accounts, so we will explain how to do this and what to keep in mind in this article. It is a very famous FX company in the world. Because so many traders trade and there are so many stocks available, many people want to have multiple accounts. Exness allows you to create additional accounts. This article explains how to create an additional account and the steps involved.

Create additional accounts

Opening an additional account is very easy. You can use the added account in as little as 30 seconds. All methods for creating additional accounts can be done using the personal area. Once you open an account, it’s easy to set up and enter information, and you can add and check it immediately by moving to the page. Exnes does not have bonuses or campaigns, but the spreads are narrow. The platform is MT4 and MT5, and the commission fee is low, so it is a highly recommended FX company. If you have any problems, administrative support will also help you.

Create new account

If you want to create a new account from scratch, please refer to the article below. We recommend the Standard Account for beginners, and the Pro Account, Low Spread Account, and Zero Account for professional investors. You can also use automatic trading (EA) tools. Although identity verification is required, the level of loss cut is 0, so high leverage trading is possible until the margin is at its limit. You can trade in a better environment than xm, threetrader, bigboss, and easy markets.

Additional account creation procedure

There are no special applications or screenings for additional accounts, so you can immediately open multiple accounts one after another. There is no need to submit any required documents.

Login to Personal Area

First, log in to your personal area. On My Page, the trading accounts you own are displayed in a list, but click the “Open New Account” button on the upper right. The process is the same when opening a new trading account or when opening an additional account.

Source : https://exness.com/

Choose account type

Next, select the type of account you would like to open. Please see below for account types. Clicking on the account type will determine the account specifications. Decide your leverage, nickname, password and currency.

Source : https://exness.com/

Opening completed

Once you complete the procedure, you will be able to open an additional account. You can sign in, deposit funds, and trade freely with merchants. Existing conditions and details such as lots, spreads, unlimited leverage, servers, etc. remain unchanged. Please note that there are very few cashbacks or campaigns. If you leave it uninvested for 90 days on the official website, it will be archived. This can be done on an app or on a PC.

For real accounts, the number of accounts that can be held

Exness does not mean that you can only have one account per trader. Traders can have up to 128 real accounts per account. By having multiple accounts, you can use different account types and different trading methods. It can be said that the greatest feature of Exness is its high degree of freedom.

In the case of a demo account, the number of accounts that can be held

For Exness, you can have up to 200 demo accounts. Since you can have quite a few accounts, you can add more without worrying about limits. It can be used for scalping, swing trading, economic indicators, automatic trading software, etc.

If you have received a penalty

By the way, if you are doing a nuisance, or if you are annoyed by the operation in some way, your account may be frozen or your account may be locked. Please note that you will not be able to add an account at that time. In this case, you will need to consult with the support center and have the penalty lifted, so you will have no choice but to negotiate.

Reasons for having multiple accounts

What is the point of creating multiple accounts in the first place? We recommend creating an additional account if any of the following reasons apply to you. If not, I think one account is sufficient.

Multiple trading strategies

One account is dedicated to scalping trades, one is dedicated to long trades, and the last one is dedicated to short trades. There are many users who want to use different accounts because of this. In such cases, it is preferable to create multiple accounts.

Multiple account types

Exness offers multiple account types and also has a demo account. Therefore, it makes sense to have multiple accounts for users who want to try out various account types. Ultimately, you will narrow it down to one, but if you are a beginner, it is a good idea to try trading with various account types first and choose the one that suits you.

Real account and demo account

Some users may want to use a real account and a demo account at the same time. In that case, you will need to have multiple accounts. You can practice with a demo account, then try with a real account, and if it doesn’t work, you can trade again with a demo account, so it’s a very convenient way to use it.


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