Exness: How do I change my address, phone, and email address registration information at overseas Forex company Exness?


If you have a long trading history with Exness, your personal information may change. This could be an address, phone number or even an email address. Is it necessary to notify Exness at that time? And what procedures are required?

Change registration information

If investors have changed their information when opening an account with the FX broker Exness, they will need to submit a new notification to Exness. We will explain how to update your personal information from a dedicated page, as it will affect withdrawals and deposits. You can add from the screen, register multiple, and complete with simple operations and clicks from the platform. This is a real and recommended company with the lowest fees in the industry and a wealth of tools.

How to update personal information

First, log in to your personal area. Select Settings from the main menu on the left.

Source : https://exness.com/

Your current personal information is displayed. This is your information that you provided during registration. If you would like to correct your personal information, please contact our support team.

Source : https://exness.com/

When contacting the support center, prepare your personal account number and personal information. Please refer to the following article for contact method and response time to the support center.

Notes on registration information

Please note the following points when changing registration information.

Registration of false information

Generally speaking, anonymous information is not allowed when it comes to registered information. The operator also needs to make sure that they are the real person. Of course, if you use an address, phone number, email address, etc. that is not your own, in the worst case, your account may be frozen. Please refrain from registering false information as it is only risky.

Freeze account

If your account is frozen, you will no longer be able to edit your registered information. In the first place, you will not be able to log in, so if your account is frozen, you will not be able to do anything. First, please contact our support center and ask them to unfreeze your account.

Change when moving

It’s a good idea to change your account information when you move, for example. It is best to update your registration information at the same time as your resident card and driver’s license. The best time to apply is when you have all your identity verification documents.


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