Overseas FX company FXGT withdrawal method and procedure, reflection days, fees, withdrawal rules explanation


This article explains the types of FXGT withdrawal methods (bank transfer, virtual currency, credit card), currency, reflection days, fees, and rules with images. If you trade with FXGT and make a profit, you will need to make a withdrawal. There are several withdrawal methods, but this article summarizes which withdrawal method is preferable. I hope you find this helpful.

Way of withdrawal

Before the withdrawal method, you will not be able to withdraw unless you open an account first. First, let’s complete the account opening. Please complete your account opening with reference to the following article.

Below is a list of withdrawal methods at the operating company. You can specify Bitcoin, BitWallet, credit card, bank transfer, virtual currency (Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Tether, Bitcoin, etc.) from the menu. It is convenient because you can select multiple items. Money will be exchanged and remitted from ewallet. Please note that when submitting your application, you will need to enter the authentication code on the official website, which will require some effort on your part.

Way of withdrawalWithdrawal feeReflection time
Bank remittanceDepends on financial institutions5 business days
credit cardnone2 business days to around 1 month
Virtual currencynoneWithin 48 hours
BitwalletnoneWithin 48 hours
STICPAYnoneWithin 48 hours


When withdrawing money from FXGT, you must follow the withdrawal rules. There are cases where you cannot receive the item. Please be careful as your investment balance will decrease. Check mt4 yourself. It is recommended that you complete the payment at least before proceeding. If you are unable to withdraw money, please contact the support center and leave a screenshot of your live account as evidence.

If your email address does not match

If the client’s e -mail address and the email address set at the time of withdrawal do not match, FXGT will reject users or resignation requests before processing the drawer. Please enter it so that it matches.

In the case of bank transfer

In the case of bank transfer, it is limited to bank business days. In other words, please note that withdrawal processing will always stop on weekends and holidays.

Credit card debit card

Credit card debit cards require advance authentication. When depositing or withdrawing using a credit card or debit card, preliminary authentication must be performed. , Upload photos on the surface and back of the credit card or debit card, and you will not be able to carry out the deposit and withdrawal procedure unless the authentication is completed.

After transferring to Ewallet, withdrawal

FXGT cannot withdraw directly from a real account. You need to transfer money to a wallet for fund management called “EWALLET” before withdrawing.

Exit the deposit amount in the same way

Until the deposit amount, it is necessary to withdraw in the same way as the one used at the time of payment. If you deposit with Bitwallet, you will be rejected if you do not withdraw by Bitwallet. Then you will be able to withdraw profit in another way.

Account of the same name

In the case of withdrawal, if the registered name and the withdrawal bank account or online wallet are not the same, you will not be able to withdraw.

Bank account registration

First, when making a withdrawal, you must register a transfer account. Select “Fiat Currency” from the gear at the top right of the screen. Please note that regardless of the amount, a swift code is required both domestically and internationally. You may not be able to withdraw money due to this.

Select a bank account and select ” +”.

Enter the account information. Don’t make a mistake. If you register by mistake, the remittance will fail.

The withdrawal procedure is as follows.

1.Press “Withdraw” from the actions on the dashboard
2.Select withdrawal currency
3.Select bank account
4.Enter withdrawal amount
5.I agree to the confirmation items
6.Enter authorization code

Online wallet transfer

For online wallets, you need to register the online wallet to which you want to send money. Add a wallet using the Add button. Of all the services we offer, it is the least burdensome and has the quickest results. Each service requires an account name and password.

You can select Bitwallets or SticPay. Enter the ID to complete the remittance destination registration.

The procedure for withdrawing money is as follows.

1.Press “Withdraw” from the actions on the dashboard
2.Select withdrawal currency
3.Add STICPAY or bitwallet account (if not registered)
4.Enter withdrawal amount
5.I agree to the confirmation items
6.Enter authorization code

Cryptocurrency remittance

For virtual currency, select a virtual currency wallet. FXGT’s virtual currency withdrawals can be made in five currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, and USDT.

You can enter the remittance destination address by pressing the ” +” button.

Funds will be sent to the remittance destination to enter here. But be sure to make a mistake in the remittance address. If you make a mistake, there is a risk of losing all the remittance. Never do handmade, please copy and paste.

The withdrawal procedure is as follows.

1.Press “Withdraw” from the actions on the dashboard
2.Select withdrawal currency
3.Enter withdrawal amount
4.Select withdrawal address
5.Enter a memo (optional)
6.I agree to the confirmation items
7.Enter authorization code

Credit/debit card transfer

Please note that credit/debit card remittances can only be made up to the amount deposited. Also, if you do not select a credit/debit card for deposit, this remittance method will not be possible. Display the pull-down menu from “Actions” on My Page and click “Withdrawal”. Select credit card.

FXGT gives top priority to withdrawals to credit/debit cards if there is a history of deposits using credit/debit cards. Once you press the button to confirm the withdrawal, a security code entry screen will be displayed, so enter it and you are done.

The steps to withdraw money by credit card are as follows.

1.Press “Withdraw” from the actions on the dashboard

2.Select withdrawal currency

3.Select credit card

4.Enter withdrawal amount

5.I agree to the confirmation items

6.enter confirmation code

Frequently asked questions about withdrawal methods

We have compiled a list of questions regarding withdrawal methods. There are different ways to apply for withdrawal of assets. Please log in to the administration and check the page. The maximum time it takes to receive funds also varies. You can also withdraw cryptocurrencies. Compared to other companies (bigboss, axiory, threetrader, titanfx, etc.), there are relatively few restrictions.

Unable to withdraw money with credit/debit card

If your credit/debit card’s refund period has expired, you may no longer be able to withdraw money to the card. In that case, please select another method that allows you to withdraw money from FXGT and process the withdrawal. Additionally, authentication is required for credit/debit card withdrawals. Please note that you may not be able to deposit or withdraw money unless you authenticate your credit card. Compatible brands have also been determined. We support VISA, JCB, and Mastercard.

Is there a withdrawal limit?

There is no maximum withdrawal amount set for each withdrawal method. Therefore, you can withdraw any amount of money. However, please note that there is a minimum withdrawal amount.

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawal amount
bank transfer¥10,000
credit card¥5,000
virtual currencydifferent for each currency

Cryptocurrency withdrawal is slow

When withdrawing virtual currency, if the source address is not pasted correctly in the destination address, the remittance will not be made. Additionally, there are transaction processing issues when withdrawing virtual currency, which can take several hours if the service is busy. In the case of XRP, it is mandatory to enter the destination tag, so please do not forget it.

Is it possible to cancel after the withdrawal procedure is completed?

If you want to cancel after the withdrawal procedure is completed, you can send a cancellation request before the procedure is completed, but once the procedure is completed, you will not be able to cancel, so please complete the procedure as soon as possible.

Can I withdraw money while holding a position?

If you are holding a position, you can transfer funds if the margin maintenance rate is 200% or higher. Please note that when you transfer funds, the margin maintenance rate will decrease accordingly.

Bonus disappears when funds are transferred

Bonuses earned with FXGT can only be used as margin. If you transfer funds, the bonus will be canceled accordingly. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.

Can I check the history of withdrawals and fund transfers?

You can check the current withdrawal status by looking at the “Deposit/Withdrawal History” on My Page “Report”. You can smoothly check the enabled transactions from the tool.

Is there a withdrawal refusal?

Please note that withdrawal refusal will occur if you commit a violation, violate the terms, or even ignore the withdrawal rules. Please be careful about the latest version of terms and conditions and money laundering. If you are covered by the terms and conditions, the entire amount will usually be frozen. Although it is OK to do things like double trading and scalping, there are many things that are not allowed.


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