Land-FX: Prohibited matters and account freezing Is double-denomination, scalping, automatic trading OK?


A large number of traders trade on Land-FX every day. However, if you violate the prohibitions, you will not be able to trade, so be careful. This article summarizes the prohibited items, so please use it as a reference.

Are there any prohibitions in Land-FX?

Land-FX has the following prohibited items. Some people commit illegal acts because they do not want to incur large losses in trading and want to protect their funds. Some people commit violations because of their immediate profits. The services provided require you to follow the rules. When investing in lots and holding positions, investors should be aware of the following points before doing so.


Arbitrage is prohibited. Arbitrage is a trade in which profits can be made by targeting price differences. Arbitrage is prohibited by most FX brokers. That’s why it’s best not to do it at all. It is also listed on the official website of the company.

Double denominated with other brokers

Double-denomination is prohibited if it is used in conjunction with another broker. Both denominations within the same account are permitted. This is clearly stated in the terms of use, so be sure to check it. In the case of Land-FX, zero cut is also adopted, and there is no margin call, but there are cases where zero cut is not adopted due to violation.

Transactions that put a load on the server

If you intentionally overload the server, such as by making too many trades in a very short period of time, you will also inconvenience other users. Such actions are prohibited. Trading aiming at delayed rate is also no good. Please be careful about trades that cause overload by holding a large number of positions using automated trading (EA) tools.

Abuse of bonuses

The definition of what constitutes abuse is ambiguous, and I feel like it’s left to the official support’s discretion, but if you get it even though you don’t have the right to it, you’ll be subject to penalties. You can make a lot of money by taking advantage of high bonuses, but there are a lot of risks.

Trade aimed at opening windows

Window opening is the price difference that occurs on Mondays. Trading content aimed at opening the Monday window is also prohibited. From experience, this is because the move that fills the window generally occurs, so you have a high probability of winning by doing this. This would be an illegal transaction.


Scalping is OK. Scalping is a trading method that allows you to make payments in a short amount of time. But this is fine. In fact, scalping targeting economic indicators is also allowed. Since you will be using it for large orders, you will need to be careful about your margin balance. We recommend an ECN account with good specs, but you may lose a lot depending on the market price. The reason is that it moves extremely large.

automatic trading

Normal system trading (automatic trading) is also no problem. However, if there are too many buy or sell orders during automatic trading, it may put a load on the server, which may be considered a prohibited act under the rules, so please be careful. . At the very least, when economic indicators are announced, the market moves a lot, so please stop using MT. If you don’t have the knowledge, you’ll be missing out a lot.


Currently, there are restrictions on Hedge. Not everything is OK, so you need to be careful. We recommend starting with a small amount to ensure risk management.

Both denominated in the same account

There is no problem with denominating both in the same account.

Comparison between different companies

Land-FX prohibits the use of multiple FX brokers. However, there is a question mark as to how it will be discovered, but it is prohibited.

Double-denominated multiple accounts

Land-FX allows you to create multiple accounts. Under such circumstances, it is prohibited to make full use of multiple accounts to trade in both currencies.

Penalties for violations in FX trading

If you violate any of the prohibited items, you may be subject to the following penalties: Please try negotiating with the support center. Investors cannot reset account freezes on their own and must undergo the procedure. Basically, if you have any questions that apply to you, please contact us as soon as you know them. You should get a clear answer.

Freeze account

Account freezing refers to a state in which you cannot even log in to Land-FX in the first place. Once this happens, there’s nothing you can do about it. You will have no choice but to negotiate with the support center and have them cancel it.

account freeze

Account freezing will only freeze the specified account. In this case, you will not be able to make deposits or withdrawals, so you will not be able to withdraw money. You will have no choice but to negotiate with the support center and have them cancel it.


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