Exness: What is Trade Tool Web Terminal? How to use and FX trading method


Exness has its own trading tool called WebTerminal. This tool is a proprietary tool developed by Exness in 2021 and can only be used by traders who have an Exness account. The tool runs in your web browser, saving you the hassle of downloading and installing.

What is WebTerminal?

Exness has developed its own trading platform. This is called a web terminal. The web terminal has the following features: Compared to metatrader, there is less detailed information and it is quite minor, but the functions are quite substantial. Investors have the advantage of being able to trade from the website using just their browser. There is no need for troublesome operations such as chart settings. Leverage is also unlimited. Financial products can be traded as well, such as FX currency pairs, CFDs, and virtual currencies.

No external software required

Since the web terminal runs on a web browser, it cannot be used after installing tools like MT4 and MT5. Therefore, it is convenient because you can start trading immediately without any troublesome processing.

Can be activated even on a smartphone

When it comes to web terminals, we tend to think that it only works on the PC version, but in fact, it can also be used on smartphones. However, it’s not designed for mobile screens, so it’s a bit difficult to use.

Exclusive to Exness account holders

This web terminal requires an Exness account. You can use it from your personal area in your account. In other words, you can not use it unless you have completed account opening and account opening.

How to start web terminal

Please refer to the article below for instructions on how to start the web terminal. If you find it difficult to understand, please ask our operational support staff who will provide you with guidance and operating instructions online. You can check the margin on the window and also make payments. Swap points will be generated if you hold a position across days. After installation, click on the icon, log in, specify the server accurately, and you can immediately trade in real time.

start trading

When the web terminal screen starts up, you will see your own trading screen on the web and you will be able to trade. As with MT4 and MT5, it is possible to trade the same stocks. When you select a stock, you can place an order simply by pressing the buy or sell button on the right. When placing a limit order, you can select the limit price above the buy and sell buttons, enter the stop price and the limit price, and confirm the order.

Payment Method

You can see your trading positions under the Portfolio menu under ‘Holdings’. Simply click on each position and press the “Close order” button to close immediately.

Advantages and disadvantages of the web terminal

The web terminal has the following features: Web terminals have not been in the news much, so please refer to the list below when investing. They are in demand across industries, and even ordinary individuals can make a profit by trading goods and services. Please access and deposit funds. If you make a loss, there will be a loss cut and a zero cut will be applied. The spread is also narrow, making it easy to manage.


  • For beginners because the trading method is easier than MT4 and MT5
  • No complicated downloads or installations required
  • You can immediately contact the customer center because you can immediately live chat in the web terminal


  • no indicators
  • Can’t use automated trading


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